And for something completely different: my fantastic girlfriend Femke and myself are getting married in June.

Have a nice day :-)


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The interactive online industry


Yahoo just posted their end year results. Excellent numbers, but especially confirming a trend: advertisers are increasingly discovering & appreciating the internet as the prime channel to create interactive relations with their customers. Yahoo & the general US results are an indicator of what’s coming in Europe, usually with some semesters delay.


Also in Belgium I see an increased interest in online advertising, and with good reason. There is an important role to be played by Stichting marketing (especially the interactive cells) & IAB to further support this growth.


Why should they do it ? Because everybody gets better of it: the media, the users, the advertisers, … Online advertising offers a way to enter a relation in a personalised way – far better than any online media can do.


In the end, online investments will lead to healthy companies, which will result in better, more usefull & fun services and applications. Blogs, digital music and photography, clear mail marketing, safe sites for our kids, cool game sites, search engines, … (forgive me using skynet examples here J )  make my life easier and better than ever before …


Would you want to go back to the past ?? Hell no !!



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Via a post on Luc Van Braekel’s blog I noticed a fine initiative: the 1st geek dinner. See here of with LVB.net for more precise info, and/or confirm your presence.


I will be there, along with some others who actually know something: John Bayens (several things), Dries Buytaert (Drupal.org),
Jonas Riemslagh (diVus), Sander Franck (haedesch), Frederik Vandaele (Scene24.net), Maarten Schenk (Sixapart), Bart Bettens (Liegebeest - Clickx), Erik Evrard (consultant), ...


Hope to cja there.


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Terug- en vooruitblik


J-P DeClerq van Digimedia vroeg een aantal mensen om terug te blikken op 2004, vooruit te kijken op 2005 – en een aantal voorspellingen ivm ons eigen bedrijf. Als eerste van de reeks bleek ik aan de beurt: de terugblik & voorspellingen van 2004 en 2005.

Welke zijn jouw voorspellingen voor 2005 ?


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Hey all.

Some of the posts will be in English, other in Dutch or French. Language being a means and not a goal, I'll start off universally.


In beginning of each year everyone sets his goals, targets, changes. One of mine results in this blog. Internet enabled bourderless reach, blogs may be the most democratic opinion forum ever created. May.
In any case: blog on!

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