La meglio gioventu

Last Sundayafternoon, Sofie & Wim invited us to enjoy “La meglio gioventu” the masterpiece of Marco Tulio Giordana. Part 1 and part 2, each taking 3 hours. In between we enjoyed pasta y pizza in an sicilian restaurant in the city of St-Gilles (just outside Brussels).

Wonderful. Wonderful movie, wonderful friends, wonderful food, good wine and a little grappa to end the evening (we enjoyed a glass of Grappa di vino nobile di montepulciano).

Looking back, let me share one of my favourite conversations in the movie:

“Is there any way I can help?”

“That depands how strong you are. Are you happy?”

“Yes, sure”

“OK, than it is the moment to be very generous”

Slow movie, food and afternoon. Everyone should have one regularly.

I intensely enjoyed it.


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try this for lunch in between a weekly meeting I had a wonderful lunch in Serenata ( in Zaventem ) today, Bart:-) If you love Italian food I suggest you try it ( ask for Joris the waiter and give him my regards ) you'll be surprised !

Gepost door: Roger | 03-03-05

I totally agree with you Very nice film about Italy's recent history. Soon on Belgacom TV, I hope so ;-)

Gepost door: Olivier De Doncker | 05-06-05

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