Belgium vs Sillicon Valley


Some time ago I visited eBay, Google and Yahoo. Thrilling experience. Most I cannot share, we are partnerring with all 3, but I can say I was amazed by the culture of all 3.

In about 100 km’s I saw the founding buildings of HP, Apple, Yahoo, Oracle, Yahoo, eBay, Bloglines, FireFox, etc etc etc It’s incredible to discover and feel the culture of entrapreneurship they created, and more importantly how they share it. Ofcourse, San Francisco is a city of inventing future. Started 200 years ago by incoming ships, developping a wine culture in napa valley, founding leading universities in Berkeley and Stanford, and so on … But still …

Something to reflect on for us Belgians.

What should our country stand for ? Brussels has a fantastic future as “Europe’s Washington”, focussing on developping services to support our position as Europe’s political capital. But mass industrial production is shifting away. Lower salaries in other countries, as we all know. However, the SMB structure of our country may be our greatest strength. Thousands of small companies focussing on niches. And the small ones could become bigger. Maybe we need some small Sillicon Valley’s, where we can share information.

Sharing knowledge, sharing winning experiences, sharing mistakes & ways to correct them. Some call it collaborative enterpreneurship, others talk about creative innovation. Whatever... Sharing … Maybe that is the key for our future success.


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Sharing... This sharing does exist and we have traded ideas and early partnerships with companies based at M-Brussels Village (Rue des Palais). What is also needed are company structures that are suited to fast growing small companies (SPRL is a family company vehicle) and a reduction in bureaucracy which makes business difficult for small companies here in Belgium. Mail me and I will tell you more about what the reality of small business and how we plan to grow to be big one day.
Simon McDermott, co-founder of Attentio SA/NV: market intelligence real time :)

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