Limburg and Brussels

Today, Limburg was on my mind! For you non-Belgium guys: Limburg is a state in Flanders, near Wallonia, Holland (Maastricht) and Germany (Aachen). I was born there, went there to School, but after Paris & Liege, decided to go live in Brussels.


This week-end I was there:

- Sunday 22nd afternoon: biked 75 km with my father and with Femke (partner). This biking thing is really getting to me. I’m finding in it the rest and solitude that perfectly balances my life.

- Sunday 22nd evening: Destiny’s Child concert in Hasselt. Not that big a fan, but what a great evening it was… I think they surprised many, on spectacle, on music & voice, and on atmosphere in the new Ethias Hallen.

- Wednesday 25th: Steve Stevaert (socialist party) becomes new gouvernor of Limburg. Unfortunate, as I always find if good and understandable politici leave politics. But seen André Denys (liberal party) did a similar move months ago and does a great job, it may turn out well. Being from Limburg, I hope Steve sets Limburg better on the map, by creating new inspiration based on the passion of the fantastic province that Limburg is.


Saturday I’m going back. Will ride the Bilzen Classic with Femke & my father. However, I must honestly admit I also love Brussels (and also Antwerp and Liège for that matter). Brussels can be so much more.


Brussels could and should be Washington with a soul. We have so many cultural highlights: the ancienne belgique, the botanique, the halles of schaarbeek, the bozar, the operahouse The Munt, the flemish & wallonion cultural centers in the heart of brussels, theatre houses, increble cafés and restaurants and so on, and so on, and so one …


The Washington of the West with a Soul ! Brussels is here to stay, but we must probably accept Belgium cannot manage it, the world will.




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