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This week-end I read a small article in Vacature, a local Flemish job offerings newspaper. The article explored the future of HR management. Main message was that companies are outsourcing more and more, and that after Production, IT and some of the financial outsourcing, the next trend could probably be to outsource part of the HR tasks.


More important for me was however the end message: HR should be focussing on developping the human capital. One can outsource the administration, but one should more and more focus on your employees to become incredible teams that produce incredible work.


In times of growth and many development, we sometimes tend to forget that the people in our companies are the most valuable asset. I think I did the same for some time. Taken by time we take some understandings for granted, and forget to listen to people (not personnel but people!). Generally speaking, I fear that evolve into a performance society were communication has often become synonym with talking.


The example of ‘anti-listening’ regularly and most visibly happen in parliament (but not only there!). People get up to speak, but talk about nothing. Nobody listens, and at the end: everybody disagrees …


Anecdotical ? Yes, but it proofs one of my “youth statements” of a teacher in the Tongeren college I never forgot: “Few problems are solved by talking, nearly all by listening. So cherrish those that dare to speak up at difficult moments, they deserve all strength and respect you could give ever them.”




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I totally agree and support! I would like to add the following sentence out of Dale Carnegie's book "How to Win Friends and Influence People": The best way to solve problem is to avoid discussion and prefer real communication by trying to stand in the other one's shoes" . In other words, if you want to be respected as a human being, in every kind of relationship you enter in, you have to respect the other as you had wanted to be respected. And if this sounds to you , as I observe every day, as an evidence, it's not the case for evryone. :-)

Gepost door: karin | 15-06-05

Hr trends Hi Bart, altough i subscribe to your point of view. I must admit that the current HR trend for international companies is focussing on "assessing the effectiveness of their HR function".

Would it be that outsourcing effort driven activities like programming, project management, helpdesk support, can be done by a India or China based contractor , it will be outsourced with a 30 to 40% decrease of FTE cost.

Altough i honestly think that we have a lot of good people in belgium, the trend of the moment is to outsource as much as we can, hence decreasing headcount and overhead cost.( reference Gartner.com)

To be respected and to be compliant with companies ethics and values are promordial at the moment. Meaning that as a employee in a working environment you should work professionally and keep distance

Gepost door: Rudi De Filette | 17-06-05

Management Consultant Bart,
I haven't read the article, yet I totally agree. Outsourcing and hosted off-shoring is crucial for costcutting and such, since the enormous pressure of shareholders. But what about the stakeholders? What about the long-term view.

For the companies and employees staying in the Belgian market, team issues, learning to communicate (we all do, but the quality sometimes lacks...) learning to respect and to trust,...values, and such are sometimes far gone.

Therefore I believe it is the role of real leaders to stimulate the learning (not judging) side in teams and organisations (big and small).

Value small things, they create the big things. Also within people!

Gepost door: Yves Miserez | 22-06-05

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