What a week ... we’re rushing and getting nearer the launch of the football season, and it will be great. Football as you’ve never seen it before.


Besides working, luckily there is The Tour. Femke tells me that luckily Mart Smeets & tour2005 on vrt starts around 10pm – so she’s sure I’m home by them.


Every day again, I cannot get enough… Herous of modern times. That’s what these guys are. Especially if you ride yourself (I don’t even dare to call it cycle anymore), your admiration grows every day. My parents learned me to respect anyone, no matter whe she does or where he comes from. But I’m beginning to respect these cyclists every day a bit more. Last week I participated in a Tour de Flandrien with about 100 other cyclists, together with Eddy Merckx. Couldn’t follow him … what a man, what a talent, what a dedication, what a humbleness.


End of admiration. I’m going to sleep.


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