Yeah yeah it’s been a while. Too busy to write? Maybe, but it’s a bad excuse (I agree).


Last week we launched “11”, the footballchannel that will broadcast every live match of the Jupiler League on belgacomtv. “11” is quite a milestone in the digital era, where we combine internet technology (adsl) & media to bring a new tv experience. Live football over ADSL on your TV!


Belgium is again one of the trend setters in industry, and I think we should realise that we could build an entire industry around “services over broadband”. Yes, TV, fast internet, music, photo’s. But we tend to forget other services, such as eHealth & administrative solutions! Image the easiness to reconfirm a subscription with your doctor via a certified email (on condition doctor knows the patient and it is something very common). Or that I wouldn’t have to go to communityhall to change my address, but via my e-ID? Or that I can pay any ticket online…


I’m a firm believer that new services are arriving that make our lives easier, both personal & professional. And I think we’re moving towards it. Every technological revolution has it start-up problems. I think I once suffered a week to get an sms configuration done. Now I type & send them blindly …


Technology at the service of people! And there we have some work to do. Many people don’t understand exactly what’s arriving, why things need to change, how much it will cost them, and if they can easily use it. That must be our next steps now. Yep, technology to facilitate our lives.



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