I'm getting married.

Yo world.

2 weeks to go: femke & me are getting married on September 24 :-) Since we’re part of the c-generation (choose Creative or Content or actually both), we developed a site to Celebrate our togetherness: www.bartlovesfemke.be


But before the celebration some suffering: a quite busy week at work, a Skyday next Friday (1 day a year we go off-site with our entire company, and this year it’s in light of “Pride”), and then … bachelor party. And instead of some bears somewhere – with my best friends we are going to challenge the Mont Ventoux. Some are going to climb the steep side (from Bedoin) others from the somewhat simpler side (from Sault). In any case: tough. For starters ofcourse.


And after our marriage party we’re off for a holiday september 25. We start in Sydney & the rest I’ll tell you later!


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:) Congratulations!

Gepost door: Steven Verbruggen | 12-09-05

Gefeliciteerd Bart,
Ik wens je het allerbeste toe met je huwelijk!!!

Vriendelijke groet,

Gepost door: Rudi De Filette | 12-09-05

congratulations ! Dear Bart,

I wish you all the best and, as a recent Frensh song says,
"tout le bonheur du monde" ;-)

Gepost door: Olivier De Doncker | 19-09-05

Gefeliciteerd! Als jullie na Sydney in Frans Polynesië (Tahiti, Bora Bora) zouden passeren, laat iets weten...

Gepost door: Jan Ottenbourg | 20-09-05

Kale Berg Be prepared! Volgende keer doen we de moeilijke kant in minder dan 2 uur.
To be continued.


Gepost door: John Wittesaele | 20-09-05

Congrat's Félicitation et beaucoup de bonheur, reviens nous en forme de ton voyage de noce ;o)

Gepost door: Chris & Jen | 25-09-05

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