Hello world.


We conquerred the Mont Ventoux. My friends came to ‘kidnap’ me during a teambuilding day. Besides flashy clothing, I needed to carry a hat & bring it to the top (my bachelor task). And although I kinda died a couple of time, especially after the Chalet Reynard, I made it ! 4 out of 11 arrived at the top J What a fantastic experience.


In meantime I did get married yesterday.

Fantastic day, starting by getting officially married at the Grand Place in Brussels. Then a family dinner/celebrationin in a nearby Brussels hotel, to end with a great party in the AB in Brussels (www.abconcerts.be). The DJ’s were fabulous: Jerome Prosperger, Zaki, Hermanos Inglesos, the JJK’s and Steven to close off the party at 5am (ending by the way with a song dedicated to me: AC/DC’s “you’re on a highway to hell” J).

But the real star of the evening was the bride: my little Femke. I confirm: www.bartlovesfemke.be A lot !!


Thank you to all who made this possible. I was a great & emotionally warm day.


Everyone should have some regularly.




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