SYDNEY, here I am.

Howdie love.


Got happily married, and left immediately on a honeymoon.


Stop1: Sydney

- every city surrounded with water has a  plus, so sydney has a triple+!

- fantastic boat/ferry voyagekes

- attended modern version of Puccini’s La Bohème

- rested & slept (a lot)

- visited all other places via busses, boats, ferry’s, taxi’s tourists visit

- went out a bit, met weird & fun people

- But especially: had fun in the backpackershotels & bars at Bondi Beach. Like the place, cool’ed the pool (see picture above), love the people


But more than anything: had so much fun with femke. Was time ago we only had time for eachother. I think that for some reason we are just meant to be together. Nobody could understand better her feelings, laughs, jokes, thoughts, .... And nobody definitely laughs so much with my jokes J


During summer not much time for eachother:

- my party-ante passed away in summer. She was so strong, but cancer was unfair & too tough …

- organisation of wedding took loads of time, though femke did most of the work

- launching new brand, adsl.be, belgacomtv & 11+via calcio (our football tv channels), developping new services, and loads of other work, etc etc.

- preparing to mount the ventoux took all the rest of my free time

- and a lot of other stuff


But now just here for eachother.

Tomorrow we leave Sydney though. Up to the next.



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Hello world.


We conquerred the Mont Ventoux. My friends came to ‘kidnap’ me during a teambuilding day. Besides flashy clothing, I needed to carry a hat & bring it to the top (my bachelor task). And although I kinda died a couple of time, especially after the Chalet Reynard, I made it ! 4 out of 11 arrived at the top J What a fantastic experience.


In meantime I did get married yesterday.

Fantastic day, starting by getting officially married at the Grand Place in Brussels. Then a family dinner/celebrationin in a nearby Brussels hotel, to end with a great party in the AB in Brussels (www.abconcerts.be). The DJ’s were fabulous: Jerome Prosperger, Zaki, Hermanos Inglesos, the JJK’s and Steven to close off the party at 5am (ending by the way with a song dedicated to me: AC/DC’s “you’re on a highway to hell” J).

But the real star of the evening was the bride: my little Femke. I confirm: www.bartlovesfemke.be A lot !!


Thank you to all who made this possible. I was a great & emotionally warm day.


Everyone should have some regularly.




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I'm getting married.

Yo world.

2 weeks to go: femke & me are getting married on September 24 :-) Since we’re part of the c-generation (choose Creative or Content or actually both), we developed a site to Celebrate our togetherness: www.bartlovesfemke.be


But before the celebration some suffering: a quite busy week at work, a Skyday next Friday (1 day a year we go off-site with our entire company, and this year it’s in light of “Pride”), and then … bachelor party. And instead of some bears somewhere – with my best friends we are going to challenge the Mont Ventoux. Some are going to climb the steep side (from Bedoin) others from the somewhat simpler side (from Sault). In any case: tough. For starters ofcourse.


And after our marriage party we’re off for a holiday september 25. We start in Sydney & the rest I’ll tell you later!


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