Bula !


Bula is Fijian for good morning, good evening, thank you and all other things one should regularly say. What a wonderful country !!


Fiji was recommended by one of my skynet colleagues (thx barbara, one of my completely blund and honest colleagues, meaning I trust her so much I even trust her for honeymoon travel), who visited this country during a long Asian travel she took some time ago. And right she was.


It started quite weird. We arrived an evening.

It was dark, and were aked to step on to a small boat that would bring us to our destination. 2 couples & someone to bring us. It was dark, very dark – the sea was fortunately relatively calm.

And then: in full darkness in the sea: “Sir, please step onto the other boat.” Huh? He threw our lugage in the other (even smaller boat), to arrive at Matamanoa in the Mamanuca Islands, a group of 30 islands in the East of Fiji mainland. Paradise one would say. Our resort was named Matamanoi, and yes, it looks like the pictures. www.matamanoa.com. 1 hotel on an entire Island. Sheer beauty, fantastic scenery and sun all day long. Didn’t do much but swimming, sunbathing and reading.


After 3 days we left for another village named Botaira, up north in the Yasawa islands on Naviti. Well, in all honesty the Botaira resort surpassed all I had ever dreamt. The sea, bures (beachfront separate rooms), food, etc are amazing. But the most special of all are the people. This small resort (only 10 couples can stay here) is owned by the Village. And that gives it a really special feeling & atmosphere. At evenings, we had an incredible village "choire" (to say it in franch), traditional songs & dancing (named ‘mekke’) – but also this incredible pride. We walked up to the village one day, and I was truly amazed by what we saw, felt, discovered. Life is a beach. A f beach.

Kid education pretty developed, each week around a specific theme. This week: “humility: humble people cause no dissent. There are no happy wars, there is no unhappy peace”.

We should teach our kids the same …


This holiday is pretty fantastic.

Up next: Bangkok. Voila, on.


Cu there ;-)



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