Web2.0 - IDTV1.0 - DM3.0

Can’t sleep...


Began surfing today. Getting back in passionrhytm...

We live in a wonderful world … I work in a fantastic company.

Entrapreneurship is back
J especially in the domain of Skynet.


  1. web2.0

yeah – I know y’ll heard much about the revival of the web, but it’s truly incredible how efficient, fun, strong the web has become. And this is leading to a totally new emergence of companies. Look at Flock or Squido to have some cool examples of upcoming innovations. On Skynet we have just passed 3.5 million unique visitors (pretty OK for a 10 mio total population country), and now the fun is starting!



  1. IDTV1.0

Here in Belgium we started the TV revolution during summer. Belgian football in exclusivity on belgacomTV, all broadcasters present, vod catalogue growing daily and customers happy what we we bring. Cool, and much more to come here !



  1. iDirect3.0

after the launch of push mail and afterwards pull mail, direct media are back for a 3rd evolution. The DMA conference brought great ideas & the drive for many to start considering Direct Media as a serious industry. Also in Belgium there is still quite some work to do here. Our flagship service JustForYou is celebrating it’s 5th year of existance, over 555.555 opted-in members & a great new project coming up.



So many cool & interesting things going on, and via the different blogs people are sharing passion, ideas, experiences. So envigourating it’s now 3am and I’m still surfing around the world, and typing with 1 hand and a thumb (broke my hand).



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