The end of TV?



Many discussions about the future of tv, due to recent happenings in the tvmedia landscape:

  • Heineken announced to stop all tv advertising because other media showed to be more effective
  • New interactive concepts proof to get message better across, thanks to broadband (adsl & cable) & better customer contact. These videocasts of the ceo of wpp (Sorell) & Gill Gates (microsoft) provide good insights in new thinking
  • Coca-cola, procter, unilever, volvo announcing to shift tv advertising budgets shifting more and more to online & idtv media
  • All agencies are starting interactive cells, now even in Belgium: hypervision, these days, mortierbrigade, and some other like Jo Caudron
  • Online companies soaring in growth [google, yahoo, ebay]
  • And so on, and so on …

My opinion ?

Old tv is not dead. It’ll probably keep on decreasing 15-25% every year, prices will drop every year. acceptance & reaction of decline to e-build diversified new media is key. why ? Generally, I'm not a believer in above the line media. 30 seconds is not enough to tell a story anymore, because stories look alike too much. You need more & different to get your soulstory communicated. Read Seth Godin’s new book in that respect.  Everyone is looking for ways to tell, show, fell their story.


“He who harvests the past will loose his options for the future …”





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Old TV is not dead ... but what is new TV? Agree on most points, but the question is not so much whether old TV is dead or not, but how new NEW TV will look.

iDTV as with Belgacom (or the other provider), or video downloads on the iTunes music store ... The answer to this question will determine the future of TV advertising (old or new).


Gepost door: Bert Van Wassenhove | 01-11-05

no need to define Bart,
I think that there will be a very large differentiation of media. I know much said & boring, but we used to have 1 TV, 1 radio and a telephone. Now I have a mobile phone, agenda & photo camera already in my pocket, my ipod in backpack, 3 tv, 2 laptops & 1 pc, digital tv, etc etc

Next to that I used to watch 10 years ago or so to brt, nos & german football. Now I watch a bit of 20 channels if not on vod, video & text news online & on mobile when on train, read blogs & other via rss, etc etc

Multiplication of content sources & devices will bring us to a new era.

Comparable to what happened in travel industry: we used to plan largely in advice via agency in our town to spain & italy. Couple of weeks ago I booked a flight to Sydney, fiji & bangkok - just bought book before the flight & upon arrival retreived money from ATM terminal. Diversification of travel leads to unlimited possibilities. idem for media.

bravo with your award by the way

Gepost door: bart | 01-11-05

This is why generic pills look different, they are of a different color and have a different shape if compared to a brand name pill. female
india :)

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