Power to the passioned!?

Got a question last week that made me think (yep, it does happen J).

Hans Hermans from Bizzmagazine asked me: “Did you get business ideas from other blogs that you implemented afterwards in your professional life?”


The bigger question that I wondered afterwards became: “Where do I get ideas ? “. It lead me back to my young years.


Aged 13 (20 years ago…) I did a summer holiday & bought a computer (c-64). After only a couple of weeks, I started programming. 1st in basic, then in assembler to end in machine code. During about 5 years, I programmed and designed nearly obsessively. And I met a lot (A LOT!) of people.


And during all those years, many ideas, projects & manifests came from discussing, adapting, pushing limits. As well as mixing & mutating different ideas. Very much similar like the fantastic current mashup matrix.


It’s now near 3 years that I’m leading Skynet, and due to Hans’s question I realize I’m doing near the same as 20 years ago … It even lead me this week-end to send ‘reunion’-mails to my former palls work at Alcatel, Telenet, Yahoo, MSN, Google, VRT, NBC and one that just retired at eBay. They remain in nearby industries indeed.


In other words: in developping services based on design & technology that create enjoyment and ease of use via web, tv, mobile, iPod, gaming, … – we may have today people in their 30’s with more than 20 years experience !


That’s probably the reason why so many ‘young’ people are leading & starting great companies. They are not just younger as some say.

They mix professional & private passion. And if you look at the globally successful leaders, they seems to breathe product & industry passion: Google’s Sergej Brin & Larry page, Yahoo’s Filo & Yang, but also Apple’s Steve Jobs & even MS’s Bill Gates fit the profile


You may ask yourself: “Are they professionalising their hobby throughout their lives, or do they start their professional career in their early teens?”


Maybe we should invest thouroughly in stimulating our younger generation who have the consumer feeling, technology savvyness and entrapreneurial skills to undertake new ventures. The new SMB approach, eventually guided with some senior management skills. 



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