A friend of mine starting working in a start-up ... in amsterdam. Not gonna go in detail, but his idea looks pretty good. Linked to the tv-industry, and he gave up a ‘big’ job to start there - won’t tell more.


And I think it’s truly great:

- start-ups are back: the pioneering feeling is back, similar to the crazy start of the internet (but with some prudence)

- it’s not only in the internet, but it goes somewhat broader

- not too much happening in Belgium


Thoughts of a tuesdayevening man: how come belgium has so few new initiatives ? how come that the cool start-ups (a friend of mine in A’dam, one in Bangkok, or belgian’s like the Flock.com try) leave our beloved country? Why are so few things happening in Belgium for the moment on new media or internet or whatever (except some extensions to existing activities & brands).


I doubt about the attitude of us 30 years olds: many young people that came back from the internet startup rage all are back in, they’ve taken up a ‘family’-job, and no-one regrets their experience. However, many 30+ are spoiled: at the end of their 20’s, they got a cool car, good salary and a job they like pretty much. So they keep their job, and become risk averse. And all who preserve the past may loose the future. So dare to re-invent yourself. I need to re-invent myself. We all need to re-invent ourselves. By staying ourselves.


So to all that doubt: become and entrapreneur, become an intrapreneur, dare. Don’t live safe as of your 31st, you’re the CEO of your own life. This is the 2nd time innovation will disrupt in 10 years. It may not come again.



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