N°13: the Algarves, Portugal [and my love-hate relation with golf]

Hey world. It’s nearing the end of the year – so the top lists of the year are getting published again. Last year I gave my top 10 for the industry. But I thought: what’s my top country experiences? Since 13 is my lucky number, I’ll go for my personal top 13.


First in the list: the algarves in Portugal.


My 1st trip to the algarven intended to be a sunny golfing trip. It became a rainy golfing trip. Every day we went out to play on a different course in the beautiful landscape of one of europe’s most extraordinary landscapes. Golfing trip alongside the sea (named ‘links’ in the golfing jargon), or across creeks, or up and down hills. Incredibly beautiful, and so is the rest of the south of france.


However, on the same time – I have my love-hate relation with golf. Not that I don’t enjoy golf. On the contrary. I lived intense moments of utmost concentration during approx. 4 hours out in nature. Even if you think the golfing sport is not a sport as many do, see it as playing biljart on 400 meters biljarts in fantastic scenery. Beats 2 hours in a biljartroom. But golf takes it a bit further. It takes your mind off everything. It gives you a feeling of total freedom, without asking too much physical effort (about 4 to 5 km walk in about 4 hours) – but if you take it a bit serious and give it your best, it gives you something back. It’s difficult to understand, but there’s actually 3 sports that give me this feeling: golf, sailing and cycling (and in all honesty football before my ligaments & knees got injured).


But: there’s in some clubs, in some circles, in some areas this sense of snobiness. It’s only a small percentage, and often created by those who absolutely have no reason to create it, but it’s there. I call it fake elite. And that unfortunately took away part of my golf pleasure. But yeah: who cares – so I got over it. I play golf again to calm down, to focus, to be a bit alone, to enjoy knowing someone a bit better, to seeing incredible scenery, to be out in the open, to enjoy the rest of nature. I enjoyed a fantastic golfholiday with a friend of mine (hey bart) in both marocco & tunesia, but my favorite golfing moment remains however completely alone, preferably a slight rain, end september. Exactly the moment when we were in the Algarves. It rained a lot, it even poored, but with my good friends Guy & Bart we had a lot of fun. Focused fun.


Yep – I thouroughly enjoyed that trip, that moment, that scenery.



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Right to the point
And that is exactly why I don't even tell people that I play golf

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