Bizz & corporate jealousy!

Oeps. Blog of the month in Bizz. What did I do to deserve that? If you want to read something interesting about marketing, new media or technology, I suggest you the following: John Bayens blog, Peter Forret Blog, frankwatching blog.


Anyway, he found it unfortunate that there were some spelling errors & that there’s nothing about how it is to be a ceo or general manager. Good point, will try to write a bit about that.


Actually had quite some conversations over mail with persons struggling to be a manager. Will try to bundle some conversation in some posts. But already one tip: read Michel Georgis’ (ceo proximus) column next to my blog mention in Bizz: “beware when you are with people who talk about Me/Je/ikke all the time. They don’t care about anything or anyone except themselves”.


Talked about it with friend of mine over the week-end (also a relatively young general manager, by the way). He’s tired of the ‘bar-gossip’, meaning: people that, after 3 or 4 beers on a Friday, start gossiping & blackening everything above them in a corporate hierarchy. “This person is worth nothing. She’s a fool. He’s a genius with 1 idea per decade. I don’t get why person x got that job. What has she done to deserve that” And that kind of crap. His opinion was: “as part of corporate life, some people have given up the believe in something. It’s not their fault only, it means we weren’t able to create a perspective. And for the unlucky, the only thing left is: kill all above. It’s sometimes the only joy left. Or, pretty childish, if I can’t have it, no-one should have it.”


My opinion? Guess he’s right on some points. Only, I’ve stopped joining them at the bar. Or when there, don’t allow them to become cynical. Not at 32. It’s fun for once to laugh with all above. But only if you relativise yourself, dare to be critical for yourself. Never forget that, also if something positive happens to you one day, there’ll be a couple to support, but also some to be(come) corporately jealous. John Goossens, once ceo of Belgacom and passed away 3 years ago, once told me once that corporate jealousy is a horrible to those idealistically ambitious, or passionate realizing. He told me to never give in, continue to believe. At the end you yourself are the only judge over the success of your career. Listen to those around you, create what you belief is best for your company, your audience/customers, your employees, the future.


Oh yes: if you recognize the above, leave them in their bar, and join the ones that dare to dream, that believe, that are happy when something good happens to you – to others. They will also be there when you have your bad periods, privately or professionally. You won’t see the others. They’ll be in a bar. Laughing with you. Never forget that.




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