Depeche Mode.

Hey world.


It’s 2.23am. Just watched some concerts on BelgacomTV: the White Stripes live at Blackpool, and Pixies on 2004 tour. White Stripes are incredible. Pixies were as good as at Werchter: pretty great but not fantastic – something was missing.


While checking some mails before I take some days off, I decided to run through my music DVD’s. As I write, I have a left window open with the live DVD of Depeche Mode 101 concert at the Pasadena Rose Bowl from 1998, and the right one with some text editors (on below an IM as I’m talking with some friends abroad).


Damn, I become melancholically sad each time I hear Depeche Mode. It reminds me of a trip with my parents to Hungary. I had 1 tape: this concert. We played it at least 20 times during those 2 weeks in Hungary. On top of that, they came to Belgium. At that moment, I was 15 or 16 and developed & designed in an international computer group. The entire group (a mix of Italian and Belgian people at that moment – we even slogan'd ourselves: “Some fries, some spaghettis – a lot of talent” ;-)) went to see Depeche Mode. And for some reasons I couldn’t go. On top of that, I was in my new wave period (don’t think I ever left it), and I adored them. Internal tears have vaporized for days.


But also – and that is more serious - when I was 17, my best friend died of cancer… I could believe it. I sported with him, played football with him, run after women with him, we did so much together… And then he died of cancer after fighting 2 years where they took his legs, his smile, his strength. For weeks I listened to this song from Depeche mode: never let me down again. Over and over and over and over… Got me over it, never forgot him. My dear friend Kurt.


This said: DM are coming to Antwerp (Belgium) end January. I’ll be there. Focused. Concentrated. Maybe wanting too much… Probably melancholically sad. And that makes me weirdly happy.


Weird image actually: 15 years later, I’m again in a kind of computer group (Skynet), probably returning to Budapest tomorrow and going to Depeche Mode in some weeks.


Seems to me I’m still 17.

But older.



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we want more! Unfortunately, the Belgian Depeche Mode concert was sold-out in no time. Lucky for me they will perform a few times in France, so I will head to Paris in February to enjoy them there.

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