What a week!

Yo all,

What a day, what a week.


Femke discovered Jamie Oliver – or in other words: great food on the table every day J


In Skynet we released our plans for a cross-media regie, we took over a search engine marketing company, we passed the 80.000 blogs & released a new application, started a partnership with iTunes to deliver digital music and reached 600.000 members and redesigned our logo with JustForYou. About 6 months ago we decided towards radical innovation and professional value creation, and it’s paying off.


On IAB side, 15 great persons got elected. Alain Heureux (coo of Tagora) is president for the 4th consecutive year. Fantastic guy investing time, thought & commitment in the organization. Stephanie R. (GM MPG) is Vice-President for 2nd year where she will focus on the depth & content quality of everything we will do. I know her since many year – and she’s going to a wonderful job. Sylvie Irzi (General Manager MSN in Belgium) becomes the treasury manager, watching over finances. Besides title, Sylvie is someone I enjoy working with because of her frankness, openness and insight in industry – even though she’s one of my competitors at Skynet, at least for our web activities. And I also got re-elected for the 3rd year as board member.


Besides Board member, I am proud that the Board designated me as vice-president in charge of partnerships and international relations such as IAB Europe. The European IAB is realizing groundbreaking initiatives, under the leadership of Danny Meadows. We’ve just approved the “Acceleration plan 2006”, focused on growing the digital advertising spending across the whole of Europe. I will spend a lot of my free time in further developing the market, and hope the learning abroad will help the Belgian industry and that the Belgian initiatives can contribute to European progress.


However, also bad news… the father of one of my friends and colleagues passed suddenly away. Tomorrow morning is the funeral. Hard, always hard … Especially when too early too young …


Although of non-interest to those to who it happens, it strengthens me in my belief of Ghandi’s principle: live as if you die tomorrow, learn as if you live forever.


In that perspective, I just created a new organization/initiative, open to all of you if you like. But more about that somewhere next week.


Cja then, live on.


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The West Wing

  West Wing series 6 is out. And hup, watched all episodes …


I like 24, I laugh with desperate housewives, I follow the L-Word, but I am addicted to the West Wing. Series 6 is out in Belgium, and yes, dialogues are a bit less witty than first series.


But IMSO (in my stubborn opinion) this is by far the best DVD serie ever produced. We want seven!



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