It's a screen month

Hello world,


I’m in my movie period, meaning that I’ve missed quite some in the last months, and I did my catch-up in a couple a weeks.


Freaking good:

- Good night, and good luck: a movie from George that’s still making me think about the evolution about entertainment in the entertainment era in which we live.

- Crash: a must see (thanks for recommending John), that is confronting and deadly honest. Saw it pretty late – should win a statement Oscar

- A history of violence: a weird mix of drama, western and mafia moment, but it makes you wonder.

- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: I saw it in Budapest at New Year (we have a habit to visit cinema & opera in every abroad town we visit), and also here a fabulous Robert Downey Jr.

Live concert of The White Stripes on BelgacomTV: unbelievable power of a 2man band.

- Walk the line: the life and love of Johnny Cash, with a fantastic opening scene. Joachim Phoenix (my January favorite!) reminds me of my favorite artists: Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs. Damn.




Criticiseably good:

- Where the truth lies: a weird thriller, but Kevin Bacon & Colin Firth act mysteriously strong in a view upon stardom

- Revolver: thin plot & story, but for some unexplainable reason I liked the pace & rhythm of the movie, even if directed by Guy Ritchie

- L’Enfant: a brothers Dardenne movie (known from Rosetta, or La Promesse), which is tough but makes one think about the desperation of … desperation

- Bunker’s paradise : reminded me of a couple of Brussels friends I like & hope and once feared they might run into. Unfortunate parallel story, but impressive Jean-Paul Rouve as John Deveau

- Harry Potter 4: cool, magical as always, although I liked it less than some of the predecessors. Plus a bit too scary for the kids in front of my, as well as some others that got escorted out of room with mother

- Enron- the smartest guys in the room: good documentary style movie, but must admit I slept a bit.



Didn’t work for me:

- King Kong: amazingly fantastic technical production, but for many reason it didn’t get to me

- untold scandal: could have liked the concept, but way too predictable for me


- In Her Shoes: isn’t the bad bittersweet teenager forgetmeplease I expected, but didn’t really get to me either.


Thank you Femmie for joining me – needed many movies to see.




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