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Belgian music all over Brussels last week. First, there was the try-out for the code red of  Praga Khan. A new concept, mixing Praga’s particular style with dance & ballet. Near great. It showed it was the 1st, but it honors their style to dare to try! Maurice deserves that I go back in a couple of weeks. I find it unbelievable how he keeps on re-inventing and not choosing the easy road. Check it out.


Last Wednesday, dEUS came to Forrest. Although it’s pretty tough to get your audience along in Forrest concert hall, but dEUS did. I think it’s the best setting the group ever had, with some balance in the group now that Mauro looks and especially sounds as if he had always been there. For me, dEUS now has 2 front men! Cool concert, a small dip in the middle to end great. A must see.


Friday: 25 years celebration of Front242 in the Ancienne Belgique. It actually are 2 full days with many sets & dj’s across the AB, but central of course 2 live concerts of front242. These Brussels’ trendsetters gave a good overview of how the early & new songs remained connected. One hears the chemical brothers deep down inside. I didn’t find the concert as great as I expected, but it was fantastic to hear how they remained true to themselves. And to see audiences between 20 and 45 in one room!

And yes: I love to be in this fantastic hall.


Off abroad – sporting in Lanzarote.



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Zaterdag 14 mei - Q's Tuinfeest in Kortrijk-Heule met Praga Khan!

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