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Hey all,


Spending my last days at Club La Santa, a sports resort in Lanzarote. This is something incredible. On their own website they state “Nº 1 sports and active holiday resort in the world, Club La Santa is a real paradise for all people who enjoy sports and an active life.”


And I can really confirm. Don’t go for anything else than sports and a bit of rest – it’s all about training. Olympic pool, athletic track, tennis fields, fantastic fitness hall, spinning rooms, basketball and football fields, boxing rings, and so on … On top of that, all material to be rented is really top class.


To give you an example: I rented a bike for a tour every day, and got a Cannondale R1000, asked for Look pedals and it was ready.


Whilst many professionals come here to prepare (the CSC and t-mobile cycling teams, but also world’s top swimmers, (tri)athletes, I came to become a bit in shape. Since I broke my hand, gaining too many kilos and did no sports. I started with 30km ride last Sunday and completely exhausted, and came to 95km in the last day with the climb of the fantastic Tabayesco (a 10km hill) and when I came back I ran for 3 km and a fitness session.


Still very moderate, but the evolution is good. And yep: 20 degrees Celsius feels a lot better than the 0 degrees in Belgium.


A high recommendation if you like want to have an active holiday (means: concentrated on sports all day). You’ll rest while doing so. And also: the staff is fantastic. Many Danes, all active people ready to anything to enable a good sporting experience.


And yes: we took a Thomas Cook charter flight to get there (only flight that could bring me in the morning), and the time schedule and service was perfect! Voila hans J



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Congradulation for getting true and healty and pleasure of sports and club

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