Welcome to the revolution - Milia & MipTV


Yo all. Last week there was a pretty interesting congress named ‘Milia & MipTV’ in France. Pretty interesting. This used to be a pretty traditional tv content buying fair – but since MIPTV got merged with the internet congress (milia), it has become rather interesting. Many interesting & cool people, some fantastic congresses and many good contacts. In all openness, one of the few congresses over the last 5 years that have proofed to be worthwhile.


2 interesting anecdotes to summarize the event:

- Mark Burnett, producer of TV shows such as The Apprentice and Survivor, has shifted from “TV producer” to ‘content producer’. Main clients of his are now AOL, Yahoo & MSN, who all have major shows on broadband internet. TV is used as a teaser for the online episodes – and participation is key in all. Soon to be expected: Goldrush on AOL. Watch carefully. TV networks are to become content networks, and AOL, yahoo & msn are expected to become important players. Nobody knows what Google is up to, but they are all worrying…

- Mark Burnett said the favorite TV channel of youngsters appears to be … TIVO. “On demand TV is rushing up. Networks should give their programming in on demand mode to telco’s & online to ISP/portals to fight piracy or prevent tivo users to time-shift all advertising.”, Burnett ended, with AOL’s CEO John Miller approving his statement.


Surf around the web to find good feedback – interesting evolutions. As Tommy Lee Jones once shouted: “Welcome to the revolution”



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