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Yo all,


These last weeks I got some messages from people that they’d like to read what it’s like to be a ‘young ceo’. This said, I’ve been playing with internet, gaming & computer industry etc since I was 13, so I have over 20 years of experience. But OK.


Other questions: is a management job in a relatively known company in a fast moving industry not too nefast for a relation or marriage? How do you cope with an industry & company in constant change, with remaining balanced in oneself? Stuff like that J


Without being able to give details or share any confidential, I’ll try to give you a view about how it’s going on and how typical days look like. I cannot reveal too much & don’t want to drag over anything so must remain relatively broad, but so be it.


I think I’ll start next week during 10 days. Or not.

BB (BigBrother) at BB.



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