Thursday, April 27 2006.


here we go. A view in my life, as said last week.




Thursday, April 28.


8pm: yesterday femke & I went to the movies (Inside Man, not bad), but afterwards I watched NYPD blue on vtm. Since The West Wing stopped, fore some reason I find this tv serie incredibly addictive, with a fantastic Inspector Sipowicz. Afterwards I was surfing around to find work of Jan De Cock (a Belgian artist that is completely intriguing me), I went to sleep pretty late. But at 8.30 I have a conference call to develop a new initiative. Pretty great. Pretty early today.


930-1030pm: In the morning we have a steering committee that manages BelgacomTV. Results are going up every day. A little bit faster than expected even. And of course, it will continue like that. Reason is that having BelgacomTV is fantastic: it changes the way you watch TV and where WE (consumers) determine what to watch and when. Yep, I’m a believer. After the internet/ADSL revolution, this is the next big life-impacting technology shift.


11am-1pm, we finalize our budget forecasts for 2006. Skynet has been on a rollercoaster ride since 3 years now, and the industry of digital media is only just starting. Team is doing great. Market outlook is looking promising, all over the world. We’re doing great, but I insist on some vigilance. The world is becoming our battleground.


14-17pm: Jury of “Vlaamse Jo’ @ roularta premises. The Belgian JCI organizes every year a price to promote ‘entrepreneurship’. 10 companies have been selected for the final round, and the general managers come to the jury to present their case. Wonderful cases, from all industry: from HR recruitment to building entrepreneurs, from ICT players to food suppliers, from beer producing companies to … No, I cannot tell you the winner. But feel free to enroll for the seminar on May 11 in the Surfhouse in Brussels. Great initiative. We need some more daring in this wonderful country.


18pm: back at Skynet we look at the new profiles that we are recruiting, and discuss about a new ‘welcome program’. I believe in the driving power of teams, the creation of a SkyBrain, the collective ideas of a team.


19pm: Big Brother via the internet (www.skynet.be/bigbrother) is an incredible success. To give you some (public) info: on Monday we have over 1mio pageviews and 200.000 unique visitors. A great partnership between VTM and Skynet, on the Skynet portal (see above), but you can also watch it on BelgacomTV and on proximus 3G. A nice success-story about cross-media content where all partners work together. We finalize some new actions.


20pm: I leave to a drink with ex-Skynet people. Skynet exists more than 10 years, and has known a fantastic evolution. From consumer internet provider to the leading internet player in Belgium to being at the forefront of the digital media revolution today. Tonight people that left the company organized a small drink, I guess about 100 people will be there. Femke is having a company party too. I think we’ll finish the evening together in the Archiduc, a café in Brussels, 200m from where we live.




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BB at BB

Yo all,


These last weeks I got some messages from people that they’d like to read what it’s like to be a ‘young ceo’. This said, I’ve been playing with internet, gaming & computer industry etc since I was 13, so I have over 20 years of experience. But OK.


Other questions: is a management job in a relatively known company in a fast moving industry not too nefast for a relation or marriage? How do you cope with an industry & company in constant change, with remaining balanced in oneself? Stuff like that J


Without being able to give details or share any confidential, I’ll try to give you a view about how it’s going on and how typical days look like. I cannot reveal too much & don’t want to drag over anything so must remain relatively broad, but so be it.


I think I’ll start next week during 10 days. Or not.

BB (BigBrother) at BB.



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She has arrived !

Lieze, 50 cm, 3.2 kilos – the little daughter of my sister. I’m the godfather of the little miracle.


Sunday I had the great idea to cycle to the hospital, thinking it was about 70 km’s from Brussels to Tongeren. 2 thunderstorms and 4h later it was confirmed: 106 km … Exhausted … Luckily the child is not aware yet. Slept even better than her that evening. We probably dreamt of the same!




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Welcome to the revolution - Milia & MipTV


Yo all. Last week there was a pretty interesting congress named ‘Milia & MipTV’ in France. Pretty interesting. This used to be a pretty traditional tv content buying fair – but since MIPTV got merged with the internet congress (milia), it has become rather interesting. Many interesting & cool people, some fantastic congresses and many good contacts. In all openness, one of the few congresses over the last 5 years that have proofed to be worthwhile.


2 interesting anecdotes to summarize the event:

- Mark Burnett, producer of TV shows such as The Apprentice and Survivor, has shifted from “TV producer” to ‘content producer’. Main clients of his are now AOL, Yahoo & MSN, who all have major shows on broadband internet. TV is used as a teaser for the online episodes – and participation is key in all. Soon to be expected: Goldrush on AOL. Watch carefully. TV networks are to become content networks, and AOL, yahoo & msn are expected to become important players. Nobody knows what Google is up to, but they are all worrying…

- Mark Burnett said the favorite TV channel of youngsters appears to be … TIVO. “On demand TV is rushing up. Networks should give their programming in on demand mode to telco’s & online to ISP/portals to fight piracy or prevent tivo users to time-shift all advertising.”, Burnett ended, with AOL’s CEO John Miller approving his statement.


Surf around the web to find good feedback – interesting evolutions. As Tommy Lee Jones once shouted: “Welcome to the revolution”



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Get out of my house!


Last week I changed my inhouse playtools. Radio/CD player, oldie vhs and dvd player all had to leave the house. The only stuff left are my BelgacomTV, an iPod mixtable (pretty cool – it allows plugging 2 iPod and the larger joggles and displays allows easy dj’ing) and a laptop for online music and dvd display. All wireless ofcourse.


The merger of telecom and media is facilitating my life. It got about time.


Enjoy your friday. And check out the fastastic dEUS concert at Vorst (Brussels) on skynet (for belgacom adsl users).



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