Friday, April 28

Today I have a day off.


In the morning I have to arrange some private stuff.


Around noon I work on an application. I’d like to start studying again. Since some years, the ULB in Brussels is organizing a pretty great program of Masters of Art in International politics. The only thing is that it’s twice a week, thus pretty intense.


In the afternoon I work out my sporting schedule. I’ve had the not that great idea to enroll for the Brussels 20km run with some of the people from my team & some friends. I’m only at 4km, so an intense training schedule is needed. I’m currently biking over 100km every week-end day, but am not much of a runner. But today starts the preparation.


I buy some books about Architecture, a book about the history of film and a book van Guido Van Liefferinge about media in Belgium. He launched pretty known entertainment magazines in Belgium and talks about media concentration, top media management and his personal relations with some of the most impactful Belgian media leaders. Nice to read, a bit weird to read about people that I know nearly all - but also a missed opportunity to give a view on the future. It read it diagonally. Am still reflecting on the interview I saw on Canvas by Jan De Cock. That was much more impressing. Great holidaylecture.


We go again to the movies J So bad, not worth mentioning.



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Business Development Manager @ Scarlet Hello, I wish you good luck for the 20 km ;-), your current 4 km are certainly not enough to run a good time but as you know "the important is to participate". I'm training 60km per week and I hope to run under 1h30 min.

Gepost door: Joz Wolbling | 09-05-06

Good Hobby I also like to reading book and the book is no doubt the book Van Liefferinge very nice

Gepost door: Irshad | 14-06-08

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