Saturday, April 29th

Brusselsday !


Femke & I decided to not go to sea & remain in our beloved Brussels.


We start breakfast/lunch at the Mer Du Nord/Noordzee. It’s a small outdoor thing next to the best fish shop in Brussels, and they serve snacks such as toast crab, oysters, calamaris, fish soup and so on. Oostende in Brussels.


Then we take our time to read all newspapers in De Markten, a sober café in the center of Brussels. Some coffee, some thee. Afterwards we go to Bolle, a combination of a book shop & a coffee bar in the Vlaamsestraat. 7 books. I love this store. Discovered it while planning a surprise movie for Femke with the manager of 2ManyDJ’s.


I do a bit of sports, and watch the last 30 km of the Tour of Romandië on TV at the same time. A small snack with femke, and now off to the KVS. ‘Martens’ is a theater piece about a former prime minister of Belgium, a co-production of Theater Antigone & NTGent. Wilfried Martens has lead 9 ministries over a period of 12 years, and is now president of the European fraction of the christian-democratic party. This is really something. A monologue of 90 minutes. A must see. De Morgen wrote an article (in Dutch) in case you would be interested.


While discussing ‘Martens’ on our way home, we stop by at the Ancienne Belgique in front of where we live, since it’s the 35th anniversary of Oxfam. I meet some old and new friends. Had a very long talk with Eric, while femke goes home sleeping. About changing the world. And not.



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