Sunday, April 30th 2006

Hello, world.

This morning I again have to do some personal stuff.

At noon, we go our for some Japanese food.


Today is working day J For the first time in Belgian history, we broadcast simultaneously 9 live matches of the Belgian football championship. On top of that we have 3 live Italian matches. So 12 matches at the same time.


Although I cannot do much here, it’s important for me to be here. The teams of Skynet, Belgacom, Woestijnvis and others have done a fantastic job to get football on BelgacomTV is a quality better than ever before. 2 matches left to go, so important that the chief is there. Although I also wanted to go watch one of the games, it’s more important to be here. All went perfect. But … championship not yet decided. The thriller goes right to the last match to decide on the Belgian champion. Next Friday.


Femke goes biking, but I remain at Skynet to finalize a presentation, go through some mails and work on a fantastic project. 1 of the many.


At 9PM we’ll probably go to Millionaire in the AB box, a pretty great Belgian band.




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