Friday 12 May



Skipped a lot of days. Didn’t feel like writing.


We’re now Friday 12 May. I’m currently in London, for the IAB Europe strategy council. In the morning I prepare a presentation for an off-site with my directors + finalize some new ideas I discovered at Internet World yesterday.


The IAB council is rather interesting this month:

-         a discussion about the insights from Isobar on Consumer behavior on mobile phone. They did a very good study, together with Yahoo, and results are pretty new related to the interwoven effects of users, advertisers, publishers

-         a great trio of presentations on search: Google, Yahoo and Meva (more mobile related) explain their vision on search. Fascinating

-         a view on the emerging markets in eastern Europe

-         an insight on the evolution of online marketing expenditures. All countries are having increase in digital marketing between 20 and 80%. In some countries, total online advertising spent is now far above 5%, and has surpassed bilboarding, cinema and radio

-         some other elements on European regulatory affairs boost programs, the European partnerships and so on.


I take more time to wrap up this info, and see how we can use it to further boost the Belgian market.


7 to 9pm:  I treat my emails of the day and prepare some stuff for next week..

10pm: dinner.


While walking to my hotel, I see that an Odeon cinema is open, and decide to go watch Mission Impossible 3 at 00h20. I love late night cinemas. Predictable but anyway cool to watch. About 3am now. Have to look up some stuff, and then I’m off to dreamland. Have to get up early at about 7.30 this Saturday.




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