Saturday 13 May



Week-end London. Early up for preparation of some files. All looks pretty good. Lots of things coming up at skynet.


At 10am, I go for some fitness. 10km biking & 5 km run. Feeling good, but due to a small injury last week I had to stop training for the Brussels 20KM. Not sure I should go for it, will do an extensive test of 12 km next week-end, and decide then.


Afternoon: walking around in London. Wanted to go to Saatchi’s museum, but it’s closed & relocating. Apparently they had an argument with the city or other locators, and they had to close down the museum. New opening begin 2007 near Chelsea. Last time I went there with Femke, great though provocative opening of …


So we decide to look for some last minute theater tickets. At 7.30PM, theater piece named “Blackbird”.  Not bad. Not good. Nice theater.


Evening: dinner at Browns & a last stroll across Piccadilly & Trafalgar square. Surfing around the net at midnight. Reading a book at night about 20 must visit places in the world. Cool hotel (Radisson near Trafalgar)



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Bxl 20k: go for it! C'mon Bart, no quitting allowed!

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