Barcamp - 20 May - The Flashback

Today I'm at barcamp in Brussels, a gathering about people that want to build and share. Sponsored by Skynet - only because we believe Belgium needs these events to push innovation, sharing and other. Also because the person that initiated this (Peter Forrett) is right in many of his technical believes. Great guy, good event.


Pretty different of all the rest I'm currently seeing. We're in an industry of 'I'm the perfect best, better than the best', etc. Here, many are searching, sharing, participating, ...


However, I'm having a huuuuge flashback. When I was 13 (yep, about 20 years ago now...) I lived the exact same thing. It was the 'developer community' of the commodore64. Meetings occured in Goteborg, Munchen, Venlo (holland), Brussels, ... - where people had parties around demo's, programming in Basic/assembler of machine code. For about 6 years- this was pretty much essentail in my life. It's basically what is happening again here.





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