20 km of Brussels


Hey all,


It took me about 2h30, but without much preparation I managed to finish the 20km of Brussels...


I had to stop training due to a small injury while playing football, and wasn’t able to run a single time more than 1h... So I started with the intention to run about 5 or 6 km, thinking I wouldn’t make it. But since I felt good at 6, 8 and 11 km’s, and the atmosphere pulled me through, I decided to go for the finish.


What a fantastic race… Bands, people cheering people across all Brussels, runners in weird outfits, going in and out of the tunnels around Brussels towards the woods, and so on …


I suffered more when I climbed the Mont Ventoux last year – but I truly enjoyed these 20kms…


Also, a big bravo to my good friend Koen, my Skynet friends Gilles, Lies, Bart and Davide – and all my other friends and colleagues of Belgacom, AB, Studio Brussel etc …


Yep, pretty proud of myself J



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Barcamp - 20 May - The Flashback

Today I'm at barcamp in Brussels, a gathering about people that want to build and share. Sponsored by Skynet - only because we believe Belgium needs these events to push innovation, sharing and other. Also because the person that initiated this (Peter Forrett) is right in many of his technical believes. Great guy, good event.


Pretty different of all the rest I'm currently seeing. We're in an industry of 'I'm the perfect best, better than the best', etc. Here, many are searching, sharing, participating, ...


However, I'm having a huuuuge flashback. When I was 13 (yep, about 20 years ago now...) I lived the exact same thing. It was the 'developer community' of the commodore64. Meetings occured in Goteborg, Munchen, Venlo (holland), Brussels, ... - where people had parties around demo's, programming in Basic/assembler of machine code. For about 6 years- this was pretty much essentail in my life. It's basically what is happening again here.





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Saturday 13 May



Week-end London. Early up for preparation of some files. All looks pretty good. Lots of things coming up at skynet.


At 10am, I go for some fitness. 10km biking & 5 km run. Feeling good, but due to a small injury last week I had to stop training for the Brussels 20KM. Not sure I should go for it, will do an extensive test of 12 km next week-end, and decide then.


Afternoon: walking around in London. Wanted to go to Saatchi’s museum, but it’s closed & relocating. Apparently they had an argument with the city or other locators, and they had to close down the museum. New opening begin 2007 near Chelsea. Last time I went there with Femke, great though provocative opening of …


So we decide to look for some last minute theater tickets. At 7.30PM, theater piece named “Blackbird”.  Not bad. Not good. Nice theater.


Evening: dinner at Browns & a last stroll across Piccadilly & Trafalgar square. Surfing around the net at midnight. Reading a book at night about 20 must visit places in the world. Cool hotel (Radisson near Trafalgar)



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Friday 12 May



Skipped a lot of days. Didn’t feel like writing.


We’re now Friday 12 May. I’m currently in London, for the IAB Europe strategy council. In the morning I prepare a presentation for an off-site with my directors + finalize some new ideas I discovered at Internet World yesterday.


The IAB council is rather interesting this month:

-         a discussion about the insights from Isobar on Consumer behavior on mobile phone. They did a very good study, together with Yahoo, and results are pretty new related to the interwoven effects of users, advertisers, publishers

-         a great trio of presentations on search: Google, Yahoo and Meva (more mobile related) explain their vision on search. Fascinating

-         a view on the emerging markets in eastern Europe

-         an insight on the evolution of online marketing expenditures. All countries are having increase in digital marketing between 20 and 80%. In some countries, total online advertising spent is now far above 5%, and has surpassed bilboarding, cinema and radio

-         some other elements on European regulatory affairs boost programs, the European partnerships and so on.


I take more time to wrap up this info, and see how we can use it to further boost the Belgian market.


7 to 9pm:  I treat my emails of the day and prepare some stuff for next week..

10pm: dinner.


While walking to my hotel, I see that an Odeon cinema is open, and decide to go watch Mission Impossible 3 at 00h20. I love late night cinemas. Predictable but anyway cool to watch. About 3am now. Have to look up some stuff, and then I’m off to dreamland. Have to get up early at about 7.30 this Saturday.




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Sunday, April 30th 2006

Hello, world.

This morning I again have to do some personal stuff.

At noon, we go our for some Japanese food.


Today is working day J For the first time in Belgian history, we broadcast simultaneously 9 live matches of the Belgian football championship. On top of that we have 3 live Italian matches. So 12 matches at the same time.


Although I cannot do much here, it’s important for me to be here. The teams of Skynet, Belgacom, Woestijnvis and others have done a fantastic job to get football on BelgacomTV is a quality better than ever before. 2 matches left to go, so important that the chief is there. Although I also wanted to go watch one of the games, it’s more important to be here. All went perfect. But … championship not yet decided. The thriller goes right to the last match to decide on the Belgian champion. Next Friday.


Femke goes biking, but I remain at Skynet to finalize a presentation, go through some mails and work on a fantastic project. 1 of the many.


At 9PM we’ll probably go to Millionaire in the AB box, a pretty great Belgian band.




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Saturday, April 29th

Brusselsday !


Femke & I decided to not go to sea & remain in our beloved Brussels.


We start breakfast/lunch at the Mer Du Nord/Noordzee. It’s a small outdoor thing next to the best fish shop in Brussels, and they serve snacks such as toast crab, oysters, calamaris, fish soup and so on. Oostende in Brussels.


Then we take our time to read all newspapers in De Markten, a sober café in the center of Brussels. Some coffee, some thee. Afterwards we go to Bolle, a combination of a book shop & a coffee bar in the Vlaamsestraat. 7 books. I love this store. Discovered it while planning a surprise movie for Femke with the manager of 2ManyDJ’s.


I do a bit of sports, and watch the last 30 km of the Tour of Romandië on TV at the same time. A small snack with femke, and now off to the KVS. ‘Martens’ is a theater piece about a former prime minister of Belgium, a co-production of Theater Antigone & NTGent. Wilfried Martens has lead 9 ministries over a period of 12 years, and is now president of the European fraction of the christian-democratic party. This is really something. A monologue of 90 minutes. A must see. De Morgen wrote an article (in Dutch) in case you would be interested.


While discussing ‘Martens’ on our way home, we stop by at the Ancienne Belgique in front of where we live, since it’s the 35th anniversary of Oxfam. I meet some old and new friends. Had a very long talk with Eric, while femke goes home sleeping. About changing the world. And not.



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Friday, April 28

Today I have a day off.


In the morning I have to arrange some private stuff.


Around noon I work on an application. I’d like to start studying again. Since some years, the ULB in Brussels is organizing a pretty great program of Masters of Art in International politics. The only thing is that it’s twice a week, thus pretty intense.


In the afternoon I work out my sporting schedule. I’ve had the not that great idea to enroll for the Brussels 20km run with some of the people from my team & some friends. I’m only at 4km, so an intense training schedule is needed. I’m currently biking over 100km every week-end day, but am not much of a runner. But today starts the preparation.


I buy some books about Architecture, a book about the history of film and a book van Guido Van Liefferinge about media in Belgium. He launched pretty known entertainment magazines in Belgium and talks about media concentration, top media management and his personal relations with some of the most impactful Belgian media leaders. Nice to read, a bit weird to read about people that I know nearly all - but also a missed opportunity to give a view on the future. It read it diagonally. Am still reflecting on the interview I saw on Canvas by Jan De Cock. That was much more impressing. Great holidaylecture.


We go again to the movies J So bad, not worth mentioning.



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