Calm period?

It’s quite... (think now Bjork – sjhhh sjhhhh)


Nothing much happening in internet world. OK Yahoo & eBay are developing some joint actions. OK, Google launched some new apps. OK, AOL is trying to come back, as is Netscape. OK, MySpace is becoming a bit a marketing medium and Microsoft is rethinking their online strategy. In Belgium, Redbox is doing pretty impressive, eCommerce in general is starting to take up.


It’s also quite in medialand. Comcast and Tivo are doing some interesting stuff – keep on watching that. Everyone in Belgium decided to joing the BelgacomTV platform (vt4, vijfTV, kanaalZ businessTV, regional channels, etc), but since we announced 50.000 users end April it would be an error not to join now.


But it’s rocking at Skynet. Some changes occurred in management, and it’s turning out to be the rght move. After some weeks, some new talents are fundamentally changing the way Skynet will develop on the web. Watch us in the next quarter.


By the way, this Friday Skynet "launched the lounge". Skynet Lounge is a 3 months concept where you can discover our new concepts in a fun place at the Kanal in Brussels. Mail me for an invite, if you’re not already coming.



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