The opportunity of doubt

Somewhat faster than expected, digital media are becoming mainstream media. And both the traditional and the new media players are struggling with it.


Looking towards Belgium, it’s becoming fascinating:

§        tv broadcasters are struggling to enter the digital media: the tragedy of ceo of the vrt of these last weeks is probably the best proof that it’s not that simple

§        newspapers are being attacked on their audience, but also on their business models: advertising and classifieds. Their audience is being attacked by news sites, since no human being waits for the morning to know about news: the internet has become the number 1 source for news seekers. But also the classifieds are under attack: it’s no hazard that eBay launches a classifieds service in Belgium as a world premier. But also some start-ups are attacking fiercely

§        digital tv is growing fast, very fast … and thus also the shifted tv-viewing is gaining attention

§        but also the new ones are not having their best moment: yahoo is experiencing launch difficulties with search technology, with ad display targeting, but also with holding on to digital talent. Interesting opinion here from bloggingstocks.com.


And in all this storm, suddenly Newscorp has begun to attack fiercely. MySpace & Jamba, their 2 main acquisitions – have led to the weird evolution that the most visited internet domain is suddenly being run by … a tv company. And the same might happen on a mobile domain. Newscorp got it. Audience behavior and distribution modes are changing, and their using the current financial and audience strength to guarantee their place in the future.

Just read their press releases to see where the focus is!


The war for digital media talent is starting. I expect many start-ups, traditional media people leaving to find a new story, but also new media people to lead the new story at more traditional places.


Yep – it are fascinating time, and we will all benefit of it!!




Last week-end my sister in law received a celebration from an organization in which she is very active – they name it senator at JCI here in Belgium.


Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the organization, over the last years they amazed me quite a lot: both my brother & sister in law are very active, and share the cool moments with Femke and me. It was a short celebration, but it was very warm – incredibly warm, and I’m not talking about the temperature.


Good to see people can be happy with ‘other people’s luck’. I’ve also seen quite the opposite lately. Incredible how jealousy can turn around in negativism. Just see other people’s luck as part of your own, and even try to contribute a bit if they let you, or not.


Saskia, proficiat met uw viering, you totally deserve it.



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