Sport = Emotion = Life

Have been working all week-end (abroad), preparing for a congress, studying and finalizing quite some work, but this evening I had the luck to get tickets for the barcelona-racing santander match in Nou Camp. 2x Ronaldinho, and the return of Messi!


Fans, glory, emocion, unbelievable players, joy, football at its best … FC Barcelona – mes que un club…


Now we’re at it, 3 top sports moments I will never forget:

3. I’m in Barça today, so a double Ronaldinho: the impossible goal + the free kick ‘under’ the defense … and this message and this unbelievable clip.

2. the Belgians Tia Hellebaut and Kim Gevaert winning a golden medal at EK Goteborg 2006

1. weeks after winning the world champtionship, Paolo Bettini wins The Tour of Lombardia, a few days after his brother had a fatal accident …


As my good friend David always tells me: “Sport is emotion”.

And emotion is life!



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