Father and me in London - life at its best

One of my favourite live bands is Muse. About 3 years ago, they accepted to play for the launch of the Skynet Music Club, an online music downloading service launched by Gunther Nonneman and Stijn Willockx, 2 former Skynet colleagues. About 1000 invitees attended this incredible concert, and afterwards I have a beer (okay okay, a couple of beers) with the band – and they were so young but so great. I still wear my Muse at the Skynet Music Club concert with a lot of pride!

Since then I saw them

-        in Vorst/Brussels (fun evening with Karen & Dominique from Happiness Brussels, backthen DDB agency),

-        at the incredible Beach festival (one of the best festival I ever attended with Femke, bravo Marc Klein) but also at Pukkelpop, at Werchter, etc…

Yep, I like them J


Muse is also a band that my father likes. He doesn’t like the ‘piano’ songs too much, but is pretty crazy about their riffs, rock songs and everything that basically makes a-load-a-noise.


When I discovered that Muse was one of the bands to open the new Wembley stadium, I had the idea to go there with my father. And a bit surprisingly but actually not – he said “okay son’. I don’t think I have ever been on a trip alone with my father ever, so going to London to attend a concert of Muse in the new Wembley looked pretty great. His sms the day before ‘London, the Becks’ boys are coming’ indicated what we felt: 2 days alone, father and son on the road.


So Saturday we took the Eurostar to London, and my Femke and my mother did all to make sure we got there on time to spend our “father-son’ week-end.


It was great. It was amazing. It is something I will think of a lot. We walked for miles and miles on Saturday, and took tourist busses and cabs on Sunday. Muse played an incredible concert in a sold out Wembley, where from the field until the roof rows everybody was singing, air-guitaring, hugging, dancing. It was a true victory. Go see them on YouTube- but try to see them live to feel what 3 guys can do.


My father and I talked about a lot, even though we sometimes enjoy the silence. The main subject was of course the baby to come J but we talked about music, sports, family, politics - life quoi ... Femke has a great week-end with her parents in Brussels, and my mum had a great party in Bilzen with many of the rest of the family (sorry sis for not being there, big kiss to Lientje and Liezeke).


It was such an unbelievable week-end. This is something that I wish for you all, knowing that it is not possible anymore for many. It was these kind of magical moments that remain top of mind for the rest of life. It is maybe even the kind of things that one lives for... It is definitely the kind of thing that I live for!





Hallo Kerel,

Dikke proficiat aan jouw en Femke! Lees dat je papa gaat worden. Wordt fantastisch!


Gepost door: ed | 22-06-07

Proficiat Hey boss, congratulations. ik had het al gehoord via de grapevine, maar kan je nu eindelijk officieel feliciteren. bravo. liefs aan femke!

Gepost door: Barbara | 22-06-07

proficiat Proficiat met jullie zwangerschap ook van mijnentwege. dit zal een hele verandering zijn voor jullie maar dan enkel maar in de positieve zin (buiten de slapenloze nachten ;-)!

Gepost door: stijn vdp | 10-07-07

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