25. U2

Hello world,

We had such an amazing trip this year. 
But first for something different: someone left parts of a Stones concert from “somewhere” on my voicemail (no idea who) – and from their tourdates it looks like it was in Scandinavia, France or Germany. And yesterday evening I was dining with Edwin, someone I know from Bilzen but never got to really know until we met here again in Amsterdam. And now we will both be in Moscow and going to a muse concert together half October – go figure J The only thing is that my little femmie won’t be able to come as she can’t fly anymore … 

That said: this week the Festival of Festivals is there (Pukkelpop) - and I should be at least there for the week-end. I got so many mails of sms’s of friends if I would be there, and it is true: since I live abroad concerts are probably the easiest things to meet up, and I really look forward to seeing you all. That said: some weeks ago a friend asked me about my most memorable concerts – and had to think about it. But here comes a list of “my top 25” concerts. If you were also there or like to go – pls send me a mail or comment, maybe we can go together one day. 

Here’s a list that that didn’t make the top 25 (but these concerts were fantastic though):Front242, Sisters of Mercy, Robbie Williams (even if good fun), The Scene, Daft Punk, Metallica, Noordkaap (last concert in AB was great though), Soulwax/2manydj’s (even if Femke got us tickets from the afterparty together with LCD Soundsystem), Interpol, RHCPeppers, Beethoven’s 9th, Zauberflote January 2nd in Berlin (even if this version was load of fun), Millionaire, opera in Sydney (cool operahouse, bad operaversion), the various Rock Herks or Lummenrocks, Tina Turner (with Sas not Fem – insider), Goose, Queens of the Stone Age (even if amazingly great), and many many others. 
I have choosen my top 25 if the moment, location and concert were great. 

Numero 25: U2 at Werchter, Brussels and RotterdamI have seen U2 at Werchter, at Boudewijn stadium, and some other venues. But the most memorable lasted only for 10 minutes. When I still worked at FNAC, Femke and I (together with 2 colleagues) got invited by Compaq for the MTV video music awards in Rotterdam in ’97. U2 opened the show with Discotheque, and it was amazing – even if I wasn’t a big fan of their Pop album. We ended up at the after party, had a talk with Skin from Skunk Anansie (didn’t recognize her at first) – but mostly had lots of fun because it was the first time we ever were at this kind of shows. When we returned to our hotel- I convinced Femmie to walk back instead of taking the taxi, and then we ended up in a rainstorm J  


pukkelpop See you @ pukkelpop than !!


Gepost door: Jesse | 14-08-07

Hey Bartjeuuh!

Spijtig genoeg niemeer van u gehoord zaterdag!
Maar 't was natuurlijk ook overdruk om te kiezen, en den tijd vloog!
In ieder geval was 't super u er tegengekomen te zijn (in mijn dialect zal die zin wel kloppen zekers ;-) ?!) Veel groetjes, ook aan femmie(!!) en tot... ?

Gepost door: Michel | 20-08-07

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