Facts of life - things I always wanted to tell you

Hello everyone,
one of the following personal stories is incorrect.

1. It is now undeniable and beautifully visible: Femmie and I are going to have our first baby. The baby should say Hello World somewhere begin December. Like for probably many of you, this miracle of life is probably the event of our lifetime, and you cannot believe how much we are looking forward to it. We will make sure though that the baby will have Brussels as city of birth.

2. SBS Broadcasting Europe was acquired some time, to be part of the newly creation pan-European group ProSiebenSat1 Media Group (click on the most recent PDF to get a good overview). 

The official announcement related to my new role sounds like:
Bart Becks, 35, will head the Innovation and New Media International unit. He will be responsible for the overall coordination of international new media services as well as for the development and international implementation of new services of the Group, in particular online, mobile, idTV, music, licensing and merchandising. Bart Becks previously worked as Senior Vice President New Media at SBS Broadcasting.” 
International here means Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Benelux. Group is International plus Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

3. I will leave wonderful Amsterdam in some months and will have lived in this invigorating city for a small year. Although Femmie isn’t the biggest of fans, my personal opinion is that Amsterdam combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere with an in-depth rest thanks to it watery surroundings.

We will now move to Munich, and although we don’t know the city very well, it was chosen by a magazine as the best city in the world to live in, and first impression is great.So after studying and MBA, I will now be living an MBA (Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam) – but deep down I will probably remain a Brusselse Limburger in love with the world. 

4. The Simpsons movie got released some time ago. There is an accompanying personality test that matches your personality to one of the characters. I turned out to be … Lisa… In my entire life, when pronouncing my name people verify by ‘like Bart Simpson’? I will now have to adjust by answering ‘Phonetically yes’, but…
Truth being told, there are some things we share. 

5. Femke and me are together now for quite a while. In order to celebrate our 4000th day together, I adopted a pup named
“Famke”, which will be trained now to become a guide dog to the blinds, via a Dutch organisation named Adopteer een Pup (not Pub!). Not only was she very happy with my little present, but she really couldn’t believe that I had managed to remember the exact 4000th day! 

As said, one of the above is incorrect – and it is not the first!



Congrats with the big news !

But all your stories seem to be true, but if I had to guess I would say 4. is incorrect. Once a bart, you stay a bart :-)

Gepost door: Jesse | 27-08-07

great news Congratulations with this great news.
I would believe your international life would not allow you to combine this with a puppy and still take Femke along on some of your trips. Number 5 is NOT correct.
Enjoy your news personal and business challenges.

Gepost door: Pvw | 29-08-07

titel allemaal gelogen en zeker het laatste, trouwens wanneer is da feeske nu bij u, alles goed voor de rest, kom eens af naar leuven hé

Gepost door: jan | 31-08-07

hoe zit da met da feeske in a'dam, volgens trouwens allemaal gelogen maar proficiat met het eerste in ieder geval, en nu ge toch ene bob hebt, kom eens af naar leuven hé, of spreken we eens af op ene zondag iets eten of zo ergens in de benelux

Gepost door: jan | 31-08-07

titel allemaal gelogen en zeker het laatste, trouwens wanneer is da feeske nu bij u, alles goed voor de rest, kom eens af naar leuven hé of ergens op ene zondag iets eten met ons vieren in de benelux ergens

Gepost door: jan | 31-08-07

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