Bart Becks leaves the SBS/ProSiebenSat1 Group

Hello everyone, 

What I had explained to my colleagues some months ago, has been officialised today: I will not move permanently to Munich, and hence will leave the ProSiebenSat1 group at the end of 2007, but I will remain linked to this great company as an advisor. Here you can find the official press release. And finally, I am very happy with my succession: Thomas Houge, one of my trusted colleagues who is also in charge of new media in Norway, will take over. He survived a Muse concert with me, so the rest should be easy J

When ProSiebenSat1 acquired SBS Broadcasting, I was very grateful to have been appointed Senior Vice President for New Media and Innovation for Scandinavia, CEE and the Benelux. But from the start I explained my doubts into the relocation, and the different compromises this meant to me. John Goossens, who unfortunately passed away a little over 4 years ago but who remains a guide for me, once made me swear to always follow my heart and dreams and give it all. Munich isn’t the city Femke and I want to be at this moment in our lives, and by moving there I have to give up to much of the things I believe in, while being too far from the ones I love.

Some months later, I confirmed my destiny is elsewhere. It has been a truly amazing year, and if the last 18 months made something clear – it is that I want to keep on working internationally in the domains of technology, media and communication. Where exactly I want to live is not that important, as long as it is Brussels, New York, California, Milan, Paris, London, Rio or Madrid/Barcelona. Courtesy of my Femke ;-)

Do I already know what I will do next?Well, it is getting form and should be concrete very soon, possibly even tomorrow morning. It will be a mix of things, with 1 specific focus. But more in a next post.

And now, back to preparing the birth of our son.
He’s already late at his first appointment. That promises



Get some life Dear Bart,
Too obvious, my son - you made a blitzcareer, reached for the stars, but got smothered in between some company politics. And down the drain again. Undoubtedly you have some good headhunting-firm working to get your mortgage paid.
Party on, dude.

Gepost door: frank1965 | 19-12-07

Good Luck Hey Bart,

Good luck ... I'm excited to see what your plans are. Keep us posted !


Gepost door: Jesse | 20-12-07

Why do people wish stuff for others if they can't comply to it themselves Frank1965, I really don't understand your negativity towards Bart. Did you collaborate with the guy? No? In that case shut up, will yah? I had the pleasure of working with and for Bart in at least 3 occasions, both national and international. I learned to appreciate the guy for his unique combination of skills, combining a strive for survival in huge corporations with a belief in other people I feared was lost totally.
So why don't you go out and eat some yellow snow?

Gepost door: Ben | 21-12-07

eat that yellow snow Oh my God, Ben Caudron, the "interactive pioneer" of the Kingdom of Gent is, as usual, strategically busy licking some ass. Don't believe the hype, good people from Belgium, and especially don't believe Ben Lemmestealyourdough Caudron ! Now get back to bed, darling, you're tired.

Gepost door: frank1965 | 26-12-07

Netlog For those who read De Morgen today: Bart is joining Netlog, one of the most exciting social networks/social media at the moment.

Gepost door: Tom De Bruyne | 26-12-07

Welcome back in Belgium Hi Bart,

Some people talk a lot about a work/life balance, but only a few succeed in finding it! Congrats with new move...

Gepost door: Roland Gerets | 06-01-08

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