We own the night.

Hello everyone,

our boy is taking it easy and still residing in mommy's belly. There is an advantage too. This year we lived between Amsterdam and Munich, and travelled a lot, so we were somewhat short of time to prepare everything. But now we as ready as we can get.

Plus i had the time to finish these books:
the God delusion, by Richard Dawson
a biography of John Endemol (the founder of Endemol) - and mainly about the human relations in the begin and end period before some became a millionaire
- Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life, by Robert Reich – who served as Minister in the Clinton administration from 93 to 97
Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair, by Pablo Neruda
- How Life Imitates Chess,
by Gary Kasparov. Even if the book wpn't win a Pullitzer, you can read his drives and believes and the parallel between chess and poitics

I enjoy trying to capture the cross-fertilization between different domains.  That's why I (rather obsessively acording to femmie anyway) had thrown myself on studies in History of Classical music for 3 years – analyzing the lifes and creative processes of composers.
Begin 2008,
Jan De Cock is opening in the MOMA in New York, and while having a drink some weeks ago, his dare to do different is remarkable and is something that left a deep impression on me, that I can learn a lot from...

And if you have some cinema time left: go see American Gangster (I love Denzel Washington in these kind of roles gangsta' roles - like in Training Day) , We own the night (with the amazing 'black soul' Joachim Phoenix, who reminds me so much of Greg Dulli) and Eastern Promises (see Vigo Mortensen’s sauna scene!).

Happy year-end to all.



Benieuwd Hoi Bart,
Las je interview in De Morgen. Proficiat. Hoop dat je zoon inmiddels is geboren, waarvoor eveneens proficiat. En toen dacht ik, wat bezielt zo iemand om ook nog internationala relaties/mondialisering/ontwikkeling te willen studeren? Je had de afgelopen maanden mijn student moeten zijn, helaas was je er niet. Maar ik ben wel benieuwd.

Gepost door: Francine Mestrum | 23-12-07

Hoi Bart en Femke,

Een dikke proficiat met jullie baby. Vooral voor Femke want zij heeft de volle negen maand de prachtige baby gedragen. Heel mooie baby en fantastische ouders wat kan er nog fout lopen. Veel succes en tot binnenkort.

Frank en Kristel

Gepost door: Frank Bekkers | 28-12-07

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