Living in the center of Brussels again, and wasn’t expecting to have a party in front of my door all night long. Marocco has gained victory over the Belgian football team 1-4 in Brussels, and ofcourse this will be celebrated by the Maroccan community. 
Normally these celebrations occur ever 2 years during the European and World Cup’s football, but one must say this is kindof fun and I am actually somewhat happy for them. I would not have celebrated anything, whatever the Red Devils would have performed.

Well, I am going to treat myself tonight to a movie from the BelgacomTV library. I discovered Warren Beatty’s 'Heaven can wait' earler this week, and must say both Belgacom and Telenet digital TV have a pretty good movie library for the moment. Quickly ran to the night shop for a couple of cokes, and ofcourse the shopowner was mocking the poor Belgian team.
The only thing I could respond is that I was rather confident that Belgian cyclists would beat Marocco's at the ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ in some weeks ☺

I am also working on a new blog, should be ready next week. Had to get into CSS, tables and getting to use different tools on a Mac, but it’s going to be pretty OK as all is pretty standard and themed, so you know what platform I am going to.


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