Living in the center of Brussels again, and wasn’t expecting to have a party in front of my door all night long. Marocco has gained victory over the Belgian football team 1-4 in Brussels, and ofcourse this will be celebrated by the Maroccan community. 
Normally these celebrations occur ever 2 years during the European and World Cup’s football, but one must say this is kindof fun and I am actually somewhat happy for them. I would not have celebrated anything, whatever the Red Devils would have performed.

Well, I am going to treat myself tonight to a movie from the BelgacomTV library. I discovered Warren Beatty’s 'Heaven can wait' earler this week, and must say both Belgacom and Telenet digital TV have a pretty good movie library for the moment. Quickly ran to the night shop for a couple of cokes, and ofcourse the shopowner was mocking the poor Belgian team.
The only thing I could respond is that I was rather confident that Belgian cyclists would beat Marocco's at the ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ in some weeks ☺

I am also working on a new blog, should be ready next week. Had to get into CSS, tables and getting to use different tools on a Mac, but it’s going to be pretty OK as all is pretty standard and themed, so you know what platform I am going to.


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Mr. Claus, Plugg, Belgian Talent

Over the last days, I have seen and encountered so much young talent. I believe that we are seeing a new revival in dare and will. Look at our sport women. Or Humo’s Rock Rally, where 14 and 15 year old demonstrated a musical inspiration that is amazing. Or others in cycling, fashion, arts, etc etc. Even in business we are living a revival.

Today we had a nice conference in Brussels named www.plugg.eu – and even if the content of the seminars was not overwhelmingly good, the start-up creativity in Belgium is starting to florish.  I have met so many people over the last weeks that feel stuck in their job, and want to create. A day like this inspires all. No-one is to judge besides yourself. As posted here before.


However, the day got a totally different feeling once I heard that Hugo Claus passed away... It is now 4.30 am, and I am watching vrt news edition – and it feels like a sad dream. But what inspiration has he given, dare shown, inspiration given, with his opinions and leading opinions ... Difficult to express, he would have done it better.

And then I see a newsitem about Belgian politics. And now I became even sadder. But in a different way. It's an angry sadness. The role of a political leader should be to make things better and do good for society, to help those in need, and to shape a perspective for the current and future generations. The current complete lack of interest in creating a perspective is ashaming. What one does with his or her own life is private, how they un-inspire the next generations is irresponsible, and very sad. Creating perspective and inspiration to youngsters is a key element for every (public) figure or person. I wish I could say one party is different, but unfortunately I cannot ... .

Let’s hope that the youth is strong enough – and that their maturity in music, arts or business pulls through in politics and results in screaming: “if all the disgusted ones go, there are only disgusting ones left – and we won’t let that happen”.

At a day that should be a festivity for entrepreneurial business in Belgium, it has become a day that Mr. Claus left us. I have made a couple of personal choices over the last months, on a day like this it feels so easy and right to have taken them. Let's just do what we have to do.


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Charlie B in Paris

Hi everyone,

Charlie B is doing amazing, and all is running smoothly.
I did take some time to jump into my new venture and get to know my new colleagues a bit better, move from Amsterdam/Munich into Brussels, finish all I had to finalise, and be a lot with my incredible baby boy & Femke..

Thx to everyone for the warm wishes and messages.

We are just back from Paris, and Femke and her sister (together with the kids) had decided to spend the week-end there.  Travelling from Brussels to Paris takes 1h20, and there is wi-fi available on train now.  Damn, travelling has become so easy.

This was our little dude’s first trip, next ones are Amsterdam and Stockholm.
You may not read about them here anymore though, this is probably my last post on this blog. 



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