Moving on


Dear all,

it had to happen one day. I have moved to www.flyingchaz.com

hope to see you there.


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Charlie B in Paris

Hi everyone,

Charlie B is doing amazing, and all is running smoothly.
I did take some time to jump into my new venture and get to know my new colleagues a bit better, move from Amsterdam/Munich into Brussels, finish all I had to finalise, and be a lot with my incredible baby boy & Femke..

Thx to everyone for the warm wishes and messages.

We are just back from Paris, and Femke and her sister (together with the kids) had decided to spend the week-end there.  Travelling from Brussels to Paris takes 1h20, and there is wi-fi available on train now.  Damn, travelling has become so easy.

This was our little dude’s first trip, next ones are Amsterdam and Stockholm.
You may not read about them here anymore though, this is probably my last post on this blog. 



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Charlie B. Becks

Hello everyone!

Bart says: “Charlie B. Becks is born December 26th, 3.97 kilos, 56 cm. Mama Femke is a heroic angel. Love and a wonderful year end to everyone. www.charliebecks.com

Charlie B. thinks: “ My name is Charlie. My daddy made me a simple 5 pager, so I asked his friends Lorenz and Toon to produce me something more modern, also because another friend - Ph Charles R. – put him somewhat under pressure. See my netlog on http://nl.netlog.com/charlie , send an email to me directly via charlie.b.becks@gmail.com or gimme a call on my personal mobile (only girlies under 3, send me a mail first).

ama Femke smiles at her 2 boys, takes one in her arms, and thanks everybody for the sweet wishes.


We own the night.

Hello everyone,

our boy is taking it easy and still residing in mommy's belly. There is an advantage too. This year we lived between Amsterdam and Munich, and travelled a lot, so we were somewhat short of time to prepare everything. But now we as ready as we can get.

Plus i had the time to finish these books:
the God delusion, by Richard Dawson
a biography of John Endemol (the founder of Endemol) - and mainly about the human relations in the begin and end period before some became a millionaire
- Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life, by Robert Reich – who served as Minister in the Clinton administration from 93 to 97
Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair, by Pablo Neruda
- How Life Imitates Chess,
by Gary Kasparov. Even if the book wpn't win a Pullitzer, you can read his drives and believes and the parallel between chess and poitics

I enjoy trying to capture the cross-fertilization between different domains.  That's why I (rather obsessively acording to femmie anyway) had thrown myself on studies in History of Classical music for 3 years – analyzing the lifes and creative processes of composers.
Begin 2008,
Jan De Cock is opening in the MOMA in New York, and while having a drink some weeks ago, his dare to do different is remarkable and is something that left a deep impression on me, that I can learn a lot from...

And if you have some cinema time left: go see American Gangster (I love Denzel Washington in these kind of roles gangsta' roles - like in Training Day) , We own the night (with the amazing 'black soul' Joachim Phoenix, who reminds me so much of Greg Dulli) and Eastern Promises (see Vigo Mortensen’s sauna scene!).

Happy year-end to all.



24:Crossby, Stills, Nash and Young, Washington MCI Center, April 6 2002.

In the list of my top 25 music concerts, number 24 was a last minute discovery. 

Begin 2002, I worked for a week at the SBC R&D center in Austin, Texas in the US. SBC (now part of AT&T again) was at that moment the main private shareholder of Belgacom. The focus of the trip was to study and share experiences on broadband, FTTH and Video transmission over Broadband (we were looking at BelgacomTV technology already then!). We were a small Belgacom delegation, and one of the persons I remember to be there was Johan Luystermans, one of the brightest network and technology persons I ever met during my career. 

At the very last minute before the return, 
I decided to stop for a week-end break in Washington (we flew from Texas via Washington to Brussels). And it was amazing, in 2 days I saw the White House, many museums, got lost often with this complicated mapping of streets, watched a match from the Washington Wizzards NBA team (at that moment Michael Jordan played there!), but I also noticed (the next day) a reunion concert of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Both were at the MCI center, now known as the Verizon Center.  

I knew a friend in Washington who studied with me in New York, and he was able to arrange a ticket via a colleague at Ticketmaster. This was such an amazing CSNY concert – and I am especially a big fan of Neil Young: of his music, of his attitude and of his beliefs. Here you have the setlist – of a show that took more than 3 hours. Young went completely crazy at the end, you saw the fire in him, but also the incredble friendship between CSNY.

I was so impressed that I immediately called a good friend of mine- Baudouin Meunier, a former Belgacom colleague who is now at The Belgian Post and who is also very passionate about great rock concerts - to share this memorable experience.


Only number 24 on my list, but one I will never forget.


see also:

25. u2 http://becks.skynetblogs.be/post/4860761/25-u2 



Facts of life - things I always wanted to tell you

Hello everyone,
one of the following personal stories is incorrect.

1. It is now undeniable and beautifully visible: Femmie and I are going to have our first baby. The baby should say Hello World somewhere begin December. Like for probably many of you, this miracle of life is probably the event of our lifetime, and you cannot believe how much we are looking forward to it. We will make sure though that the baby will have Brussels as city of birth.

2. SBS Broadcasting Europe was acquired some time, to be part of the newly creation pan-European group ProSiebenSat1 Media Group (click on the most recent PDF to get a good overview). 

The official announcement related to my new role sounds like:
Bart Becks, 35, will head the Innovation and New Media International unit. He will be responsible for the overall coordination of international new media services as well as for the development and international implementation of new services of the Group, in particular online, mobile, idTV, music, licensing and merchandising. Bart Becks previously worked as Senior Vice President New Media at SBS Broadcasting.” 
International here means Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Benelux. Group is International plus Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

3. I will leave wonderful Amsterdam in some months and will have lived in this invigorating city for a small year. Although Femmie isn’t the biggest of fans, my personal opinion is that Amsterdam combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere with an in-depth rest thanks to it watery surroundings.

We will now move to Munich, and although we don’t know the city very well, it was chosen by a magazine as the best city in the world to live in, and first impression is great.So after studying and MBA, I will now be living an MBA (Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam) – but deep down I will probably remain a Brusselse Limburger in love with the world. 

4. The Simpsons movie got released some time ago. There is an accompanying personality test that matches your personality to one of the characters. I turned out to be … Lisa… In my entire life, when pronouncing my name people verify by ‘like Bart Simpson’? I will now have to adjust by answering ‘Phonetically yes’, but…
Truth being told, there are some things we share. 

5. Femke and me are together now for quite a while. In order to celebrate our 4000th day together, I adopted a pup named
“Famke”, which will be trained now to become a guide dog to the blinds, via a Dutch organisation named Adopteer een Pup (not Pub!). Not only was she very happy with my little present, but she really couldn’t believe that I had managed to remember the exact 4000th day! 

As said, one of the above is incorrect – and it is not the first!



Mijn 5 favoriete (actieve) Belgische coureurs.

Hoewel midjaarlijstjes niet echt in zijn, hierbij 'mijn' actieve favoriete Belgische wielerhelden:


1.      Tom Boonen

Het zal u niet verbazen. Niet alleen vind ik de Boon een sterke renner, maar ook de manier waarop hij fietst en met zijn constante favorietenrol omgaat maakt dat ik veel respect voor hem heb. Ik zie hem graag fietsen en hoor hem graag praten. Boonens eerste profjaren waren zo succesvol dat het nooit meer goed genoeg zal zijn, maar hij straalt iets sterk en toch menselijk uit. Over de voorbije jaren heb ik vooral genoten van zijn E3 prijs overwinningen, maar zijn Ronde van Vlaanderen (waar ik zoals elk jaar in Geraardsbergen stond) en natuurlijk zijn wereldkampioenschap (onwaarschijnlijk filmpje trouwens).


2.      Gert Steegmans

Hoewel niet al zijn overwinning mij evenveel smaken (en misschien was het bericht voor de supporters nogal hard), maar in alle eerlijkheid denk ik dat Gert wel eens onze man van de toekomst kan worden. Een palmares zoals Van Peteghem zit er zeker in. Vorig jaar heb ik de rit in de Tour naar vanuit Toulouse gevolgd, en hem van dichtbij (vanuit de wagen van de Lotto sportdirecteur) live kunnen volgen, en er gaat een ongelofelijk macht uit van Gert. McEwen heeft zeker een aantal ritten dankzij hem gewonnen, maar ik hoop vooral dat Gert in de komende 2 jaren nog wat zelfvertrouwen krijgt – en dan zal hij voor de komende 5 jaren een te duchten klant worden voor Touretappes, klassiekers en andere topkoersen. Uit deze fotoreportage blijkt ook zijn aanstekelijk wielerplezier.


3.      Johan VanSummeren

Vorig jaar tijdens mijn bezoek aan de Tour kon ik via Marianne, de zus van Johan Vansummeren (ook een wielervrouw, die andermeer BikeAway met hart en ziel organiseert) Johan Vansummeren even spreken. Het is iemand die ongelofelijk leeft voor zijn vak, altijd zich voor zijn ploeg inzit door weer en wind – en daardoor ook een zeer aimabel iemand. Misschien kan hij in de komende jaren als outsider (een beetje a la Axel Merckx) een ritje of semi-klassieker meenemen. Johan is voor mij het typevoorbeeld van een wielerprof, en hopelijk een voorbeeld voor vele jongeren. En ja, ook een Limburger net zoals Gert Steegmans J


4.      Philippe Gilbert

Ik hou van het temperament van Philippe Gilbert. Het is toch fantastisch dat hij zowel een Omloop Het Volk als eenTrophee des grimpeurs kan winnen. Gilbert doet mij af en toe denken aan een Tchmil. Je weet nooit echt hoe goed hij zit, maar hij is er telkens bij, maar soms ook weer helemaal niet. Ik hoop dat hij nog wat sterker kan worden, en verder uitgroeien tot een sterk klassiek renner, die ook de najaarsklassiekers en misschien ook de kleinere rondes aankan.


5.      Stijn Devolder

Stijn Devolder is onze grote hoop op het rondewerk. Devolder maakt een sterke evolutie door, maar ik hou ook van zijn eigenzinnige manier om ‘zijn’ programma te rijden. Niet te snel meefigureren in de Ronde van Frankrijk, maar verder groeien via de Rondes van Zwitserland en Oostenrijk. Devolder won dit jaar de Belgische driekleur na een sterk kampioenschap, maar kan tegelijkertijd ook klimmen en tijdrijden. Het is nog onduidelijk voor mij hoe ver hij kan geraken – maar hij kan in de toekomst zeker een top10 in de grote rondes halen – en ik denk dat hij wel eens een kanshebber kan zijn voor de L-B-L of de Amstel Gold Race.


Graag zou ik ook nog Thomas Dekker de Belgische nationaliteit geven (ik hou wel van zijn manier van fietsen) – maar laten we maar vooral heel content zijn: met Boonen, Steegmans, Vansummeren, Gilbert en Devolder staan ons enkele mooie en spannende wielerjaren te wachten. Nu maar hopen dat de wielersport zichzelf niet vernietigt en de moeilijk tocht naar een zuivere sport verderzet. Velen zullen het met mij eens zijn dat de wielersport de mooiste maar ook de zwaarste aller sporten is, en dat alle wielrenners een onwaarschijnlijk respect verdienen.




Father and me in London - life at its best

One of my favourite live bands is Muse. About 3 years ago, they accepted to play for the launch of the Skynet Music Club, an online music downloading service launched by Gunther Nonneman and Stijn Willockx, 2 former Skynet colleagues. About 1000 invitees attended this incredible concert, and afterwards I have a beer (okay okay, a couple of beers) with the band – and they were so young but so great. I still wear my Muse at the Skynet Music Club concert with a lot of pride!

Since then I saw them

-        in Vorst/Brussels (fun evening with Karen & Dominique from Happiness Brussels, backthen DDB agency),

-        at the incredible Beach festival (one of the best festival I ever attended with Femke, bravo Marc Klein) but also at Pukkelpop, at Werchter, etc…

Yep, I like them J


Muse is also a band that my father likes. He doesn’t like the ‘piano’ songs too much, but is pretty crazy about their riffs, rock songs and everything that basically makes a-load-a-noise.


When I discovered that Muse was one of the bands to open the new Wembley stadium, I had the idea to go there with my father. And a bit surprisingly but actually not – he said “okay son’. I don’t think I have ever been on a trip alone with my father ever, so going to London to attend a concert of Muse in the new Wembley looked pretty great. His sms the day before ‘London, the Becks’ boys are coming’ indicated what we felt: 2 days alone, father and son on the road.


So Saturday we took the Eurostar to London, and my Femke and my mother did all to make sure we got there on time to spend our “father-son’ week-end.


It was great. It was amazing. It is something I will think of a lot. We walked for miles and miles on Saturday, and took tourist busses and cabs on Sunday. Muse played an incredible concert in a sold out Wembley, where from the field until the roof rows everybody was singing, air-guitaring, hugging, dancing. It was a true victory. Go see them on YouTube- but try to see them live to feel what 3 guys can do.


My father and I talked about a lot, even though we sometimes enjoy the silence. The main subject was of course the baby to come J but we talked about music, sports, family, politics - life quoi ... Femke has a great week-end with her parents in Brussels, and my mum had a great party in Bilzen with many of the rest of the family (sorry sis for not being there, big kiss to Lientje and Liezeke).


It was such an unbelievable week-end. This is something that I wish for you all, knowing that it is not possible anymore for many. It was these kind of magical moments that remain top of mind for the rest of life. It is maybe even the kind of things that one lives for... It is definitely the kind of thing that I live for!





Jeff Buckley

Today Belgium (amongst other countries) celebrates Jeff Buckley with a concert ‘an evening without Jeff Buckley’. Although he tragically sailed into his death at the age of 23, Mr. Jeff Buckley had a huge impact on many of us. His voice danced between strength and fragility, pulling all of us into his heart and mind reaching music.


In one of today’s newspaper, Stef Kamil Karlens talked about him. I had the pleasure of talking a bit with Stef Kamil and his partner Laurence, and they made me think. For me, Stef is not only one of the most gifted musicians Belgium has ever had, but also one of the most giving. There is so much warmth in him, and it reflects on all around him. Much like Jef, and if I wouldn’t be on this plane to New York, I would definitely be in Ghent at the Night w/o Jeff Buckley where Zita Swoon will also be playing.


It reminds me also of my wedding with my Femke. At the city hall, we were aloud to play some music. And the 2 pieces we had that afternoon at the magic Grand Place in Brussels (everyone that lives in 1000 Brussels must marry there, before you get any wrong ideas) where we played Jacques Brel, Hallelujah from Jeff Buckley (a cover from the great Leonard Cohen) and Victory from Daan.


I must be somewhere in the middle between London and NY now – and although I managed to forget my iPod, I fortunately had backup all my songs on a portable hard disc, and am now near tears in my eyes listening to Buckley’s Grace.


Goodnight everyone. Goodnight Femmie. Goodevening NY!



Koninginnedag, Amsterdam

Dit jaar vierde ik voor de eerste keer Koninginnedag. Ik wist niet goed wat ervan te verwachten, en dacht een avond en dag samen met Femke anoniem rond te wandelen. Een aantal Brusselinnen waren bij ons thuis de dag voordien, en het was tof maar rustig op ‘koninginne-avond’


Maar de dag was mooi, zo mooi. Bij het buitenstappen aan ons appartement (aan de Prinsengracht in het centrum van Amsterdam) kwam ik Maurice tegen, de commercieel directeur van google Nederland. Fijne persoon, groot talent ook. Vervolgens rondlopen op de vrijmarkten, waarbij iedereen zijn oude spullen voor de deur zet en je dingen kan kopen vanaf een halve euro. Funny. Maar het leukste vond ik de fijne concerten (misschien wel honderd in de ganse stad), het festival van het levenslied aan het Jordaanplein (goed georganiseerd Eddy!), de optocht van alle soorten bootjes over de verschillende grachten, en het gezellig rondkuieren.


Aan het museumplein kwam ik een Limburgse vriend tegen, tussen 150.000 andere pleinbezoekers. Via London en Munchen, was hij in Amsterdam komen wonen als zaakvoerder van een mooie tuin- en meubelzaak. We woonden op misschien een kilometer van mekaar. Small world he... Samen een paar pintjes gaan drinken op mekaar dakterrasjes (ja, we zijn echte Hollies aan het worden), en babbelen over Amsterdam, Munchen en ons beider droomstad: New York. Maar ook hou het koningsfeest hier gevierd en gerespecteerd wordt. Where did we go wrong in Belgium? Ik denk en hoop nog steeds dat ons koningshuis een symbool van verdraagzaamheid, solidariteit en een vorm van morele rust kan en moet zijn. Anyway.


Bij het afsluiten van de nacht toch nog even naar het Belgische VRT journaal gekeken, en je gelooft het nooit: in het stukje over Koninginnedag in Amsterdam had men Femke en mij gefilmd. Ik dacht het nog, want ik had een camera van Reuters gezien net toen Femke een van de rommelmarktjes doorzocht... Grappige afsluiting van een fijne dag: 2 belgjes in Amsterdam op het vrt nieuws. De cameraman had vast gezien dat we straalden!




Ventoux - here we come!

Last year I finished the Brussels 20km, the year before I arrived at climbing the Sault side of the Mont Ventoux. I never suffered more than the last 6 km of that day. We were 12 to start, 4 to finish – and yes: I was by far the slowest J 2 hours and 30 minutes of intense but beautiful suffering. The last km even looked quite a balancing act: “how can someone climb so slow and still not fall”...


But some friends convinced me to participate in climbing the steepest side (Bédoin) of the Ventoux at June 9 2007. At this date, the Belgian Sporta organization brings 1000 Belgians over there, and some even try to climb it 3 or 5 times.


So this morning I had my first training session. Conclusion: need to start cycling at least every week-end, must throw at least 5 kilos overboard within the coming 3 months, and most importantly: find a rhythm to train at least 3 times per week … With a intense and passionate new job and quite a traveling schedule not that easy, so I’m pretty happy that I just found a sport school/fitness, just around the corner of our Amsterdam apartment – with opening hours from 7h to 24h.


Great incentive though: my dear Femke will join me. She started sporting a lot since her ski knee injury 3 years ago. She's actually quite a cycling talent, so I surprised her last year with a beautiful Bianchi bike. Some proper equipment is the least.

So we’re in it together!


Game on! Ventoux, here we come.