We own the night.

Hello everyone,

our boy is taking it easy and still residing in mommy's belly. There is an advantage too. This year we lived between Amsterdam and Munich, and travelled a lot, so we were somewhat short of time to prepare everything. But now we as ready as we can get.

Plus i had the time to finish these books:
the God delusion, by Richard Dawson
a biography of John Endemol (the founder of Endemol) - and mainly about the human relations in the begin and end period before some became a millionaire
- Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life, by Robert Reich – who served as Minister in the Clinton administration from 93 to 97
Twenty Love Songs and a Song of Despair, by Pablo Neruda
- How Life Imitates Chess,
by Gary Kasparov. Even if the book wpn't win a Pullitzer, you can read his drives and believes and the parallel between chess and poitics

I enjoy trying to capture the cross-fertilization between different domains.  That's why I (rather obsessively acording to femmie anyway) had thrown myself on studies in History of Classical music for 3 years – analyzing the lifes and creative processes of composers.
Begin 2008,
Jan De Cock is opening in the MOMA in New York, and while having a drink some weeks ago, his dare to do different is remarkable and is something that left a deep impression on me, that I can learn a lot from...

And if you have some cinema time left: go see American Gangster (I love Denzel Washington in these kind of roles gangsta' roles - like in Training Day) , We own the night (with the amazing 'black soul' Joachim Phoenix, who reminds me so much of Greg Dulli) and Eastern Promises (see Vigo Mortensen’s sauna scene!).

Happy year-end to all.



Bart Becks leaves the SBS/ProSiebenSat1 Group

Hello everyone, 

What I had explained to my colleagues some months ago, has been officialised today: I will not move permanently to Munich, and hence will leave the ProSiebenSat1 group at the end of 2007, but I will remain linked to this great company as an advisor. Here you can find the official press release. And finally, I am very happy with my succession: Thomas Houge, one of my trusted colleagues who is also in charge of new media in Norway, will take over. He survived a Muse concert with me, so the rest should be easy J

When ProSiebenSat1 acquired SBS Broadcasting, I was very grateful to have been appointed Senior Vice President for New Media and Innovation for Scandinavia, CEE and the Benelux. But from the start I explained my doubts into the relocation, and the different compromises this meant to me. John Goossens, who unfortunately passed away a little over 4 years ago but who remains a guide for me, once made me swear to always follow my heart and dreams and give it all. Munich isn’t the city Femke and I want to be at this moment in our lives, and by moving there I have to give up to much of the things I believe in, while being too far from the ones I love.

Some months later, I confirmed my destiny is elsewhere. It has been a truly amazing year, and if the last 18 months made something clear – it is that I want to keep on working internationally in the domains of technology, media and communication. Where exactly I want to live is not that important, as long as it is Brussels, New York, California, Milan, Paris, London, Rio or Madrid/Barcelona. Courtesy of my Femke ;-)

Do I already know what I will do next?Well, it is getting form and should be concrete very soon, possibly even tomorrow morning. It will be a mix of things, with 1 specific focus. But more in a next post.

And now, back to preparing the birth of our son.
He’s already late at his first appointment. That promises



My longest birthday ever!

De laatste jaren probeerden Femke & ik steeds een feestje te organiseren bij onze verjaardagen. Reden uiteraard om een beetje te vieren, maar nog belangrijker om onze verschillende vriendengroepen samen te brengen. Vlamingen en Walen, Limburgers en Antwerpenaars, Skynetters en EDS’ers, werk en privé, oude en nieuwe vrienden, familie en nieuwe kennissen – yep: vanalles.


Dit jaar kon het om praktische redenen niet deze week, so it’ll be for a later time. Maar ... net terug van Amsterdam, en we gingen voor 1 drink in de Archiduc, maar dan toch maar langs AB Café en Daringman. Toch fijn en grappig gevierd, gelachen met Eric en serieus gebabbeld met Arno, en dus maar afgesproken om allemaal samen naar zijn concert in Amsterdam te gaan.


9u ’s morgens: vliegtuig naar LasVegas over Atlanta. Zowat 18h onderweg, maar lokaal nog steeds maar 18h. So birthday celebration again! Ons vriendenfeestje is pas binnen een paar weken, maar this was pretty cool. Blij dat het gedaan is though...


en dank u voor alle lieve berichten allemaal... was er niet goed van.








tindersticks - archiduc improvista

Friday afternoon. 20h30. Danny, a close (and all the time closer) friend of mine sent me an sms: ‘stuart staples (tindersticks) plays an improvised concert in the archiduc”. I live a couple of meters away of my favorite Archiduc, and always open for a surprise, so ask back “when?”. NOW!


I was nearby talking with another friend of mine, so went to the Archiduc. Magical. Beautiful. This is Brussels. This is why I love the city. Brussels, Europe’s Washington DC, but with an incredible soul!


And it made me think. You’d expect a touring group to be tired of playing. But not these guys, not stuart staples. Due to the mine disasters in Poland, their trip to Warsaw was cancelled. They could go out, sleep, do whatever. And they decide to play for a crowd of 100 people for free in a bar in the center of Brussels. Because they feel like it. The power of passion.


Let’s do a survey: how many people would go to work if they’d get no money for it ? 20%? 10%? 1%? Happiness – the world’s only treasure that cannot be bought, it’s earned by true belief…