Charlie B. Becks

Hello everyone!

Bart says: “Charlie B. Becks is born December 26th, 3.97 kilos, 56 cm. Mama Femke is a heroic angel. Love and a wonderful year end to everyone. www.charliebecks.com

Charlie B. thinks: “ My name is Charlie. My daddy made me a simple 5 pager, so I asked his friends Lorenz and Toon to produce me something more modern, also because another friend - Ph Charles R. – put him somewhat under pressure. See my netlog on http://nl.netlog.com/charlie , send an email to me directly via charlie.b.becks@gmail.com or gimme a call on my personal mobile (only girlies under 3, send me a mail first).

ama Femke smiles at her 2 boys, takes one in her arms, and thanks everybody for the sweet wishes.