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Over the last days, I have seen and encountered so much young talent. I believe that we are seeing a new revival in dare and will. Look at our sport women. Or Humo’s Rock Rally, where 14 and 15 year old demonstrated a musical inspiration that is amazing. Or others in cycling, fashion, arts, etc etc. Even in business we are living a revival.

Today we had a nice conference in Brussels named www.plugg.eu – and even if the content of the seminars was not overwhelmingly good, the start-up creativity in Belgium is starting to florish.  I have met so many people over the last weeks that feel stuck in their job, and want to create. A day like this inspires all. No-one is to judge besides yourself. As posted here before.


However, the day got a totally different feeling once I heard that Hugo Claus passed away... It is now 4.30 am, and I am watching vrt news edition – and it feels like a sad dream. But what inspiration has he given, dare shown, inspiration given, with his opinions and leading opinions ... Difficult to express, he would have done it better.

And then I see a newsitem about Belgian politics. And now I became even sadder. But in a different way. It's an angry sadness. The role of a political leader should be to make things better and do good for society, to help those in need, and to shape a perspective for the current and future generations. The current complete lack of interest in creating a perspective is ashaming. What one does with his or her own life is private, how they un-inspire the next generations is irresponsible, and very sad. Creating perspective and inspiration to youngsters is a key element for every (public) figure or person. I wish I could say one party is different, but unfortunately I cannot ... .

Let’s hope that the youth is strong enough – and that their maturity in music, arts or business pulls through in politics and results in screaming: “if all the disgusted ones go, there are only disgusting ones left – and we won’t let that happen”.

At a day that should be a festivity for entrepreneurial business in Belgium, it has become a day that Mr. Claus left us. I have made a couple of personal choices over the last months, on a day like this it feels so easy and right to have taken them. Let's just do what we have to do.


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