Hungarian grandeur

Over the last weeks I’ve been in many of the European capitals, but a city that never seizes to surprise me is Budapest.


It may be the mix of the classic and hip, the beauty of the city, the Donau that splits the city in 2 joint capitals, the Turkish baths or the overviewing castle, the majestic opera or maybe the wonderful food (especially when cooked by Gabor J, inside joke).


But the thing that surprises me most is the entrepreneurial spirit of the Hungarians. Take the internet for example. Hungary has the second mover advantage. The internet growth has come later, but the technology is more advanced. This also means that they don’t have old (web1.0) systems to keep updated, but most is reflected in a customer centric way, with emphasis on broadband.


Our own team is developing great services, but in general Hungary may become one of the trendsetters. Broadband internet, 3rd generation mobile services and IPTV: it’s all there and happening.


I feel an incredible will, a sparkling creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude that may be one of the advantages in the future.


To be watched. Closely.

Szeretem ezt az országot!!



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