Colleague sourcing - IAB Interact and EACD, Brussels

Over these last moths I had the pleasure of being invited to speak at many conferences: from LasVegas, to DLD in Munich, from Istanbul to Sydney, but also in Rome, quite some in Amsterdam, London, Budapest, and other countries like Spain, Austria, France etc. Most been about digital media, innovation and entrepreneurship, the convergence of media and telecom, future of advertising, the impact of internet on life, media and internet in Europe, etc. although the strangest was probably end last year in front of 30 or so 15-16 year olds in a technical school about my view on education, career and the link between both. Seeing so many talented speakers everywhere makes one feel humble, but also motivated and kinda happy…


But nothing yet in my beloved Brussels. My friends of Insites had organised a session on Youth Marketing, but I was unable to be there. So I am happy that I can finally be back in my beloved Brussels.


In the coming weeks I have a double treat:

1.     on 4 and especially 5 June, IAB Europe is organizing the European Interact conference. I look forward to being one of the closing speakers with Mark Bresseel – now Sales Director EMEA, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, and former kinda competitor when he used to run MSN Belgium and me Belgacom Skynet - and Rodriguez Zapatero, who is Sales Director Yahoo Europe.

2.     on 12 June, I will be on a panel of the European Communication Summit. I will on a panel titled “web20 and the internet revolution: shared by everyone, owned by no-one) together with Dorothee Burkel (VP Marketing Communication AOL), Guy Nielsen (SVP corporate affairs from Aegis) and Ph Borremans (the new media lead for IBM EMEA).


Both conferences have amazing line-ups, programs and participants – so would be great if we see each other there.


And believe me, speaking looks like fun but it is week-end work. No time during the week to prepare the speeches and I am still in the conviction to give each one as if it was my last, so it takes some time to prepare. And the hours at the conference must be recuperated in the evening hours. But I love it.


You cannot believe how much I have learned. By speaking, because like blogging (and I do agree with Bruno Seghers here), it is getting your story straight and reflecting beyond day to day business. By listening, because there are so many bright people out there with amazing stories. But most by talking and exploring. So many people are willing to share, and this industry of internet and digital media have so much impact on nearly every aspect of our life that it’s impossible to stop speaking about it. And it is often the same rhythm: 1st time you say hello, 2nd time you say we met before, 3rd time how and what are you actually doing, and then you ask people opinion about – well – whatever.


We are in an era that we have no final answers or solutions yet, only explorations. But these explorations are needed more than ever to progress. Let’s call it colleague-sourcing for now.




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