Wise words on a tuesday afternoon


Today I attended a part of the workshop organized by Immovator named cross-media café (about digital innovation in radio). Pretty OK, interesting concepts, although unlike Dutch mentality people were avoiding questions, being quite fuzzy about numbers and were clearly still searching for the right services and models. 

It’s ok to be searching, just say so. Acknowledgement of not knowing is a starting point for collaborative search.


However, I thought that of the Chief Editor of the VPRO (a Dutch public radionbroadcaster), which I expected to be the dullest, was very innovative – placing content and audience truly at the center of reflection. I heard this customer hadn’t been since a long time, but he was definitely there. I also discussed with some others afterwards part of what he said: “ Sometimes people don’t want to do things, just because it is considered hip or because they didn’t invent the hyped idea.”


A participant of over 60, who is admired for his ability to innovate and create and having built successful business for years, concluded after a discussion I had with him about the above: We should never do something just because it’s considered hip. But if it makes sense, go ahead and embrace it. And if you have someone in your team who does nothing but criticizing, and that same person does not come up with any other innovative ideas or ways to get them, kick him out of your organization as soon as you can. Constructive critics are the best ones to have around you in a team, negative critics the worst. Let him go. If not, he’ll create nothing than negativism about ideas, services, peoples – his mission will be to pinpoint and stop stuff for the sole reason of getting organizational power. On top of that – it will draw into your company’s culture. So take it from me: if you ever see someone like that – be tough because the backside is deceit and probably defeat.


Interesting words from someone who did quite some remarkable things in business life – actually life in general I understood afterwards (hadn’t met him before). Yes, discussions here in Amsterdam are so straightforward. So intense. Somewhat unlike most presentations this afternoon. Remarkable Amsterdam. Even on a Tuesday afternoon.



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