First days in Amsterdam

Damn, what an amazing city. First days in the new office, function, city, industry, … Much to create, willingness is huge. Over the last weeks I stayed in various hotels – am becoming quite an expert ;-)


If anyone would care to go to Amsterdam – try to find last minute rates for The Pulitzer (yep, the one from Oceans 12), the Krasnapolsky and Hotel de l’Europe. The Lloyd hotel is pretty cool and arty, but no window isolation in any of the rooms means that I can hear the bikers as of 6am… Didn’t sleep a lot – but still very cool atmosphere at Lloyds.


One of the first days, I attended the New Year’s drink of IAB Holland, Ipan and 212amsterdam. Weird, in any Belgian event I entered and knew about half of the room. Here I arrived, knew no-one of the 400 persons that were there – so decided to buy a beer to another lonely arriver. Soon, I met some colleagues from IAB Europe (hey Jeroen), the editor of Marketingfacts, a cool and inspiring digital media site (hey Marco), and a lot of other cool guys. I’m feeling welcome already!


But I’m really amazed by the vibe of Amsterdam. Something’s happening; it feels a bit like San Francisco, though different and not yet fully happening. Brussels is more rock’n’roll, but Amsterdam is much more confident, creative and open.


Yep – we (Femke and I) both like Amsterdam, though we still see Brussels as ‘our beloved Brussels’.